Books for Boys: Titles Your Dude Kids Will Dig

books for boys
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Reading is a passion I've had since 4th grade when my teacher read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to my class.

I've shared this and countless other titles with my dudes over the years. Here are some they love and some I know yours will, too.

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Picture Books for Boys

There are some pretty engaging picture books for moms and dads to share with their kids. Here are some of our favorites…

The Little Blue Truck. Because boys dig trucks. And making cool sounds with their mouths. Don't be surprised if your kids really get into this one.

Cuddle. My guys all enjoyed this title. Mostly because he hugs a lion.

Superhero ABC. Another winner at my house. They enjoy the rhyming storyline and the cool heroes.

Ninja. Every little dude loves ninjas, right?

Giraffes Can't Dance. Every single thing about a dancing giraffe is entertaining.

Dinosaur Roar. For young dinosaur lovers, this book is a must have.

Bugs. OK, this book is one of our all-time favorites. Not only is it about bugs, something my dudes dig for days, but it's a pop-up! All of the awesome!

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Books for Boys Who are Newly Minted Readers


Weird School. Plenty of humor. Tons of fun. Also features some really witty word play for those quick-witted readers.

Flat Stanley. He's been around for ages, and young kids are usually familiar with him, making this book series an easier sell.

Notebook of Doom. It's a little bit spooky and a lot of bit fun. Kids enjoy the humor and the sleuthing.

Pete the Cat. I'm not entirely sure why Dudes dig this cat. Personally, I think he's kind of OK, but Dude 3 thinks he is funny.

Fly Guy. Book 1 was Dude 3's first independently read book that wasn't one of those boring school-issued readers. He was hooked!

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Book Series for Young Readers

Fun series are a great way to get kids excited about reading. Once they find one they love, you can expect them to devour the subsequent releases. Here are a few good ones for early readers …

The Magic Tree House Series. A series of historical-type novels featuring time travel via a magic tree house. Fast-paced adventures sure to keep your on-the-go kid engaged.

Captain Underpants. Because underpants are funny! Especially when being worn by a captain (who is actually the school principal).

Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja. You might find yourself hooked on this one, too. It's got laughs, it's got mystery, and it's got ninjas.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This one is for all of the underdogs who have annoying big brothers and a funny BFF to make it all better.


Timmy Failure. A devoted detective destined to take over the world with his panda bear by his side. Your kid will laugh his way through his adventures.

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Book Series for Tween & Teen Boys

If your kid is a well-established reader but looking for something to stick to for a bit, here are some series that tween and teen boys seem to truly enjoy. Extra cool part? All of these have been made into movies, so your guy can read the book and then have a movie night with you …

Eragon. One word: dragons.

I Am Number Four. Sci-fi book here with superhero-strength extraterrestrial beings.

The Maze Runner. A dystopian genre book with action, adventure, and survival.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians. All of my boys have loved this series since I read book one aloud to them a few years ago. Plenty of action, lots of adventure, and all of the magic our hero, Percy, can manage.

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Graphic Novels for Boys

Graphic novels have been a life saver for my little dude who doesn't really enjoy traditional books the way I'd hoped. He devours the content in these and begs me for more …

Amulet. A little bit manga, a lot of adventure. This is a series all of my guys enjoy even though it may be a teeny bit dark for younger readers.

The Lightning Thief. The same story they already know and love in graphic novel form. WINNING!


The Lost Hero. Another winning series from Rick Riordan. My guys dig the heroism and adventure he brings to all of his titles. It's just amped up when there are pictures to accompany it.

Star Wars Jedi Academy. For all of those Star Wars heads out there, this graphic-novel series is perfect.

Mal and Chad. The kid is Mal; the dog is Chad. Oh, and Chad can talk. Awesome.

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Award-Winning Books for Boys

If you're looking for an award-winning title or a classic tale to share with your little dude, these titles are sure winners.

Hoot. Kids will love how the main character overcomes a bully to help with a movement.

Holes. I used this book when teaching my 8th grade book club. 100% win. Boys can relate to the characters, who have had a tough go of life, and even if they can't really understand the struggle, they will enjoy the suspense and the humor as the main characters navigate it. Also, there is a sequel.

The Snowy Day. If your son has ever woken up to a snow-covered city, he will love to join the main character on his adventure. If he hasn't, this story will be even more magical.

The Giver. My middle-school-aged son loved every moment of this story. A science-fiction-ish tale, featuring a boy who will eventually uncover secrets about his land that will alter the world he lives in, it has since been turned into a series and a feature film, all enjoyed immensely by my book-devouring son.

Dragons Love Tacos. Because dragons + tacos = awesome when you're a dude kid.


Where the Wild Things Are. Stealing away to a secret land at night to dance and play by the sea with some awesome monster creatures is every little boy's dream.

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Tell us what titles your boys dig.

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Books for Boys: Titles Your Dude Kids Will Dig

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