Best Summer Ever: Old School Things to Do with Kids This Summer

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I have so many summer memories from my youth.

Going to my grandma's house and taking “baths” with the water hose in the front yard.

Making up skits for my parents with my little brother while my parents were at work.

Hanging out with friends at the pool.

Learning to use the card catalog at the library and then falling in love with all of the books.

I think all of us have special memories, and they're what inspire us to help our kids make them, too.

I reached out to a bunch of my blogger buds and asked them to share some of their best summer memories.

They wrote back with cool, unplugged things that we can easily incorporate to make our kids have summers as full and awesome as the ones we remember.

Or, we can just LOL at these old school photos and thank our lucky stars we have iPods and Netflix to keep us sane. Either way.

Check out these Bloggers' Best Summers: Old School Things to Do With Kids This Summer

Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Play Pretend

“Summers at my grandparents' house with my cousins. My grandpa had this motorhome that we used to love climbing inside of to play house. It was like a billion degrees inside, but it was so much fun.” –Amanda, DudeMom

Image via The Pickle Bee

Go Fishing

“Growing up on the coast, summertime always meant family fishing trips out on the boat. My granddaddy taught me so much about life and family, often while spending time out on the water.

“As adulthood took me to new places, the smell of salt air could transport me back home and to those cherished summer days.” — Erin, The Pickle Bee

Image via I Choose the Sun

Catch up with Family

“My childhood summers were filled with fun times with my cousins.” — Nae, I Choose the Sun 

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Image via Merryland Girl
Hit up a Carnival
“In the summers, my parents would take my sister and me to Kiddieland (in the Chicagoland area). We'd spend hours there going on all the rides, and we had a great time. I think of it whenever I take my kids to carnivals.” — Melissa, Merryland Girl
Image via Pursuit of it All

Go to the Beach

“We spent a couple weeks every summer at my grandparents' shore house in Groton Long Point, CT, riding bikes, walking to the beach, playing board games, reading — basically just being kids and making lifelong memories!

“I still have certain beachy sounds and smells that bring me back — boat fog horns in the distance, salt water air, and the way an old house smells (because at the time, most of the houses were historic New England cottages).” — Liza, Pursuit of it All

Image via The Miss Elaine-ous Life

Watch Fireworks

“The neighborhood I grew up in did a fantastic (to a kid, anyway) firework show, and it was on the football field at the middle school right across the street from my house, so we got to sit on the top of my Dad's truck cab and watch them from right there. It was awesome!” — Elaine, The Miss Elaine-ous Life

Image via Really, Are You Serious?

Go on a Road Trip

“We had a great time traveling as a family to my aunt's lake cottage in Michigan. Fishing at 5 a.m.? Sure, why not?” — Krystyn, Really, Are You Serious?

Image via Arnebya

Give Them Some Freedom

“Bike riding, being out all day, being sticky from ice cream, doing pretty dangerous and stupid stuff on our bikes or in the woods — stuff that'd probably have CPS questioning all of our parents today. Doubledutch, water balloon fights, jumping on the bus and going downtown to the library, coming back loaded down with books, my mother looking at me incredulously.” — Arnebya, Arnebya 

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Image via Moments That Define Life

Go See Grandma

“Going to my grandparents condo on Madeira Beach. They would share their week with my birthday and their anniversary. We had such a blast because it was right on the beach, and there was an arcade across the street. We'd swim for hours, and I even looked tan!” — Nicole, Moments That Define Life

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Best Summer Ever: Old School Things to Do with Kids This Summer

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