The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother's Day is around the corner … and it's one of the few days of the year you can treat yourself to a gift guilt-free or drop hints to your partner about what you might like for your special day. If you need some ideas read on!

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If it's your first Mother's Day you might be searching for the perfect diaper bag. If you've been a mom for a few years, you may be looking for an upgrade or a new style. Check out this gorgeous Hobo Bag from Lassig. It looks like purse, has a surprising about of space for a light bag, and has tons of thoughtful details that will make your life easier like a built-in water-repellent pocket and a main compartment that can be accessed by two zippers. The black bag has delicate (but sturdy) lacy embellishments.

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Most moms could use a little more tranquility in their lives. Say “Namaste” in style with a unique bag for your yoga mat. I love the sustainable, handmade Yoga and Golf Sac by Urbana Sacs. The silver sac will stand out among all of the kid gear and will help you stand out at the yoga studio as well.

If yoga isn't your thing try this water and wine sac perfect for carrying a bottle to a friend's house, book club, or playdate.

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Nearly every mom loves to take pictures, whether it's a mobile phone camera, point-and-shoot, or DSLR. Nearly every mom hates going through her photos, organizing them, and ordering prints. Make life easy on yourself and send your photos to Tweed Wolf. Or make things even easier on yourself and ask a loved one to send the photos over for you. A few weeks later, you will receive a gorgeous, very high quality album in the mail with all of your photos beautifully laid out. I ordered a photo album with my photos from last year and was really impressed with the attention to detail and care that went into creating my album.

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Moms want to stay in shape and look good while doing it. Fitbit now has a new style, the Alta, that has dressier look, including a sleek silver band. The Alta also offers convenience like call and text alerts so she doesn't need to dig out her phone every two minutes. Or, if she would rather go incognito try the Fitbit One that fits in her picket or can be clipped onto a bra strap.


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Is there a mom around who doesn't like to snuggle her baby? Treat mom and baby to one of the softest blankets around, a lightweight Merino blanket, like this soft wool blanket from Bugaboo. As a bonus, if mom will part with the blanket it can be repurposed as a toddler blanket or stroller blanket.

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A little sprucing up in home decor can always make a mom happy. Making it easy, cute, and washable is even better. I love Lorena Canals Rugs because they have styles ranging from sophisticated to cute to just plain fun (angel wing or pink skull rugs anyone?)

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There is one thing guaranteed to make every mom happy – chocolate. Skip the drug store and go the extra mile with handcrafted chocolates, like these from B.T. McElrath. Choose bars or truffles. There is even a mix-and-match custom option so her gift can be heavy on her favorites and leave out the flavors you know she doesn't like — all for not much more than the chocolates you pick up at the store.

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Every mom has those moments where she's just grateful she can find the kids, even if her keys, wallet, phone, or entire purse are missing in action. The Tile App to the rescue. A little tile that can be attached to a key chain or placed just about anywhere discretely, it has saved my sanity on more than one occasion. It's super-easy to sync a Tile to a phone, then the next time Mom loses something important she just needs to open the app to get information about where her lost item is and hear the Tile play a song. As a bonus, the Tile can also make the phone its tied to play if it's the phone that's lost.

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It's not uncommon for moms to get trapped under sleeping or nursing babies or next to bigger kids who want them to stay and cuddle until they fall asleep. Moms also get stuck waiting in cars with sleeping babies, in line for pick-up, or waiting for soccer games and ballet lessons to end. Wherever she gets stuck, make sure she doesn't get bored. A super lightweight e-Reader like the Kindle Paperwhite that can be read in the dark or bright light – wherever she may be.


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What mom doesn't like some new bling? Check out these “Mom” necklaces from Isabelle Grace or get her a personalized necklace with her kids' names, initials, or birthstones. I love the simplicity of the Signature Initial necklace that can be customized with stones and charms to suit your children's birthdays and interests.

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A great gift any time of year is to give Mom the night off from cooking — and she may even expect it on Mother's Day. Make her a home-cooked meal, take her out, or give her a pass for night off with a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or meal-delivery service like Hello Fresh or something similar in your area.

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Mom probably takes lots of photos with her cell phone and most of those photos are probably forgotten about quickly. Get her the Polaroid Zip printer and she can easily print her favorite pictures wirelessly. The Zip works with Apple and Andriod and uses an ink-free system, meaning no smudges even if little hands get a hold of the photos.

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What are you hoping for this Mother's Day?

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

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