Best Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Date Ideas

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He leans against me. His weight is familiar, comforting. Our ankles are crossed in front of us, my book in my lap, the remote in his.

This is our evening ritual. We sit close. Murmurings about our day escape our lips, filling in the spaces between the rest we both so desperately seek. The sharp lines of his suit and shiny shoes contrast the softness of my yoga pants and the work-from-home and mothering routines that I juggle. There's so much to explain to each other.

This evening time is our glue, and I need the feeling of his fingers laced with mine–toes touching, breath matching–to ground me solidly by his side. This is the way married evenings go.

But it wasn't always this way, was it? It used to be skipped heartbeats and high heels, late nights and impromptu turns.

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Dating when we were young and kid-free was exhilarating and freeing and worked like a different kind of glue. It was the one glue that shed light on the shine and the glitter of our relationship.

Eleven years of marriage, three kids, and one puggle later, I've learned that this kind of glittery glue is just as important to the foundation of a marriage as the solid one created by my husband and my evening routine.

April Masini, nicknamed “the new millennium's Dear Abby” by the media, writes the critically acclaimed “Ask April” advice column and answers readers' questions on the free Ask April advice forum. Masini gives some insight to my thoughts on marriage.

She says, “Keeping [your marriage] fresh is very important to the success of any long-term, committed, monogamous relationship. Every relationship hits a boring rut now and then–that's normal. And that's when the phrase ‘relationships take work' is relevant. You have to do things to keep the relationship lively and interesting, whether it's through sex, socializing, [finding] ways to become more intimate, having new adventures, or simply getting out of the house together more often. Invest the time in your relationship to have fun and feel light with your honey.”

Feeling light in the rosy-cheeked, heart-skipping-a-beat way is a way to bring us back to how we fell in love in the first place, and it's one of the ways we should date our husbands. Four women share how they do this with their best Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Date Ideas and, more importantly, how you can, too.

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Image via Bethany Meyer

Bethany Meyer writes about her parenting adventures as a mom to four boys at I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping.

Bethany says, “It's near impossible to remember how carefree David and I were before kids. But it's a valuable way for us to reconnect. Looking to recreate that carefree vibe is what landed us at a tattoo parlor. My husband is a sucker for tattoos, especially on the ankle. So at 38 years old, this mother of four got her first tattoo. Yes, on the ankle. Even though it was well thought out and had been planned for months (of course it was, I'm a mom), it still felt unexpected and thrilling. Like something we'd have done before kids. Two years later, and I'm ready for another tattoo. Finding a spot on my body where the skin still has elasticity? Now that's my big challenge. Wish me luck.”


Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Dating Tip: Be adventurous and carefree without the many what-ifs that we parents tend to fall into!

Image via Amanda Magee

Amanda Magee owns an advertising agency in upstate New York where she is raising her three daughters with her husband, Sean.

Amanda says, “Sean and I try to balance our date time with working out or going out, both [of which] can help us forget the rigors of being business owners and parents to three deliciously strong-willed girls. The funny thing is, we occasionally get invited to themed parties or events, which inevitably involve a costume. We both grouse about it being work, but in the end, there is something about slipping on a disguise of some sort that helps mask everything but the kid in us. So whether we're headed out for a work function or for a date, I try to remember to add something to my outfit that helps me get out of my own head a little bit. Here we are at a Mad Men themed event.”

Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Dating Tip: Be silly and creative for no other reason than to enjoy that side of yourselves–together!

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Image via Heather Davis

Heather Davis is a momma and a writer at Minivan Momma.

Heather says, “My hubby and I often set out on a road-trip date. We put the directions ‘straight,' ‘right,' and ‘left' into a cup and draw them out at each intersection. It leads to a lot of fun when we take the stress of planning out of the equation! I wrote about our funniest experience doing this in my book, Getting Lucky (Buzz Books USA).”

Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Dating Tip: Be spontaneous! The joy is being together. And the rest is gravy!

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Image via Tracey Becker

Tracey Becker can be found all over the internet, but very easily on Just Another Mommy Blog where she writes about her life with three kids and husband in the Chicago suburbs.

Tracey says, “Some of the best dates my husband and I have had have always included speed of some sort: roller coasters, Indy racing, bungee jumping, etc. But ALL of the best dates have included time where we were able to just talk and laugh together. My advice is to find what makes you laugh with your honey. Think of what exhilarates the two of you and just DO it! Also, give yourself a break if a dinner and a movie is truly your idea of a fun night out. It's OK to choose that as your night out if you're having fun while doing it!”


Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Dating Tip: Find a way to laugh together. It might mean a grand adventure or seeing a comedy show, or it might just mean dinner for two where you're relaxed. But no matter what, lighten up and laugh.

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Best Feel-Like-a-Kid-Again Date Ideas

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  1. DESIREE says:

    We are always doing things together and going out, we also take time out to do things as a family with our baby once we can take her to the places and the timing is right. We have game nights and we enjoy eating and playing with each other.

  2. mommy nhoj says:

    We’re always doing the Find a way to laugh together. I love to see him laugh so bad that he cries and hold on his stomach because he can’t breathe

  3. LIZ says:

    i love this, i love that part of my husband we enjoy be like kids again

  4. Alanna says:

    Aw These are encouraging tips!

  5. Kay says:

    I think its a great idea!!!! 🙂 Me and my hubby married young and already have three little boys which we love and enjoy every minute with. But sometimes we need a “kid date” and that lets us play with each other without being serious lol

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