4 of the Best Learning Apps for Teaching ABCs

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My oldest son starts kindergarten in just four weeks! Hold me. I honestly can't even believe my baby will be off to school. When the summer started there were many things I wanted to teach him before school started. Now time is running out. Instead of filling our schedule up every hour during the last few weekends I made the decision to slow down, so there have been many days when we just relax at home. Sometimes relaxing at home doesn't mean the type of relaxing that most would picture. It typically involves constant battles between my children who just can't seem to share, use inside voices, or put the toliet seat down. When my soon-to-be kindergartener gets wild lately I have redirected him by having him work on writing his name or the alphabet. After he does five minutes of work he is rewarded with alphabet or number screen time.

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Here are some of his favorite learning apps lately:

starfall app
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Starfall ABCs

The Starfall app is packed with fun songs and games that teach the alphabet, just like the well known Starfall website. This app focuses on learn letter to sound recognition, with simple yet fun graphics.

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Letter Quiz

This is my son's favorite game and I love it, too. Letter Quiz contains four different games, including letter recognition, identification, matching, and handwriting. The letter recognition game displays uppercase and lowercase letters on a flashcard. When each card is tapped it flips over to reveal the object that starts with the particular letter. The cards can be shown in alphabetical order or randomly with an easy adjustment in the game settings. You can find the app for iPhone here, and for Android, you can find it here.

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Letter School

In terms of teaching a child how to write the alphabet, Letter School is my absolute favorite. The three creative and fun games are very motivational. The first level game , Tap, has the user tap specific points on the letter in the correct order, to complete the letter and activate sound effects. The second level, Trace, teaches a child how to trace the letter from start to finish. The final subtest, Write, is a blank slate where the child has to write the letter. When a mistake is made the child is shown the correct way to write and given the chance to attempt it over again.

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ABC mouse
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ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse contains music videos for each letter of the alphabet. Best of all, the music is actually enjoyable to listen to. The most rewarding part of the app is that tickets are earned for each video watched. Even though the game is free, there are no annoying pop up ads that your child becomes frustrated with.

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How are you getting your child ready for school this summer?

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4 of the Best Learning Apps for Teaching ABCs

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