10 Kid Approved Backyard Water Activities

backyard water activities
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Nothing screams “time to get wet” like a hot summer day. If you're not one of the lucky ones with access to a pool, there are still plenty of ways to cool down in a swimsuit this summer — right in your own backyard.

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Kids love running around in sprinklers! It's a good activity for even the youngest of kids. These adorable sprinklers from Melissa & Doug are under $20 and spray water every which way. They are also good for small yards.

swimming pool
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You don't need a pool membership to go swimming. A not-so-deep, not-so-big Easy Set Intex pool, such as this one, sets up quickly and is big enough for parents to cool off in or to set up for a playdate. It even comes with a filter so you don't need to re-fill the pool with every use. This is a great choice for a pool that can grow with your family.

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Summer is the perfect time to take toys that make a mess outside. This Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink and Stove is a fun way for kids to get in some sensory play that is sure to get them wet. Through a cool design, the water in the sink never runs out and keeps circulating through the faucet for non-stop fun. 

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rainbow slide
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Little kids can't get enough of sliding. They just can't! Incorporate a slide into your backyard water play with a kiddie pool that has a built-in water slide like this Intex Inflatable Rainbow Water Center.


water tables
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With an activity table like this one, your little ones can have the best of both worlds — digging in the sand and splashing in the water!

water gun
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Did someone say water fight? Kids love getting soaked, and a Super Soaker fight never disappoints! There is a huge range from mini, to glow-in-the-dark, to pink-accented Super Soakers and even one that attaches directly to the hose so you never run out of water.

water balloons
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Another fun option for a water fight is water balloons! If your kids are old enough, let them help fill them up.

Find more great ideas of how to play with water balloons here

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spray bottles
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Spray bottles are another great option for outdoor water fun. Grab some at the dollar store for a very inexpensive option that will provide hours of fun.

laundry line
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Put the kids to work with this fun laundry day activity. Set up a basin full of water along with some washcloths or rags and let the kids splash to their hearts' content while “washing” the dirty laundry. For a bit of extra fun, hang up a rope along the fence or between some trees and have the kids hang up their laundry to dry.


car wash
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Even toys need to be cleaned! Set up a big bowl of water and have your child give her doll a bath or wash his cars in the backyard car wash. Use the hose for some extra wet fun to make a doll shower or drive-thru car wash.

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What do your kids like to do for fun?

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10 Kid Approved Backyard Water Activities

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