Baby Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Around the World

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We're all pretty darn lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. I was bit by the travel bug some time ago and I'm hoping to still be able to “scratch this itch” fairly frequently with the handsome baby boy we've added to our family. Travel with my little man will definitely be more challenging, but maybe even more rewarding? Putting together this post definitely gave me a renewed sense of wanderlust, along with some really wonderful name ideas. I hope you feel the same!

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Amelia – Amelia Island, Florida

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Mercer – Mercer Island, Washington

My little man and I were at story time the other day and met a little boy with this name. It was the first time I had heard it as a baby name, and I love it! I'm from Seattle, WA and it immediately made me think of the island near where I grew up. Truth be told, this photo isn't of Mercer Island, but it was taken of Mount Rainier from a beach on the island, so I'm going to say it counts.

Image via Megan Klay

Aspen – Aspen, Colorado

This photo is actually of my husband and I sightseeing at the Maroon Bells in Aspen, but I think that's close enough. We love this area and the name is on our list if we have a little lady for number two!

Image via Flickr/ Wolfgang Staudt

Powell – Lake Powell, Nevada

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Merritt – Mount Merritt, Montana

I've never heard this used as a baby name before, but I think it would make a great one for a boy!

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Brooks – Brooks Range, Arkansas

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Sierra – Sierra Nevada mountains, California

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Bryce – Bryce Canyon, Utah

Image via Flickr/E Burk

Graham – Mount Graham, Arizona

Image via Wikimedia

Ruby – Ruby Dome, Nevada

Image via Flickr/Oregon Department of Transportation

Bailey – Mount Bailey, Oregon

Image via Flickr/June Marie

Hudson – Hudson River, New York

Fraser – Fraser River, Canada

Image via Flickr/Leslie Philipp

Mackenzie – Mackenzie River, Canada

Big Beach at Makena State Park
Image via Flickr/Clark Weber

Makena – Makena “Big” Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Image via Flickr/Jeremy Markovich

Mitchell – Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

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Roan – Roan Mountain, North Carolina

I've never heard this used as a baby name either, but you could pronounce it like ‘Rowen', which has recently become popular. I like it pronounced as ‘Rone' as well, for a sweet baby girl.

Image via Flickr/julia Chapple

Byron – Byron Bay, Australia

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Cetina – Cetina River Canyon, Croatia

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Cimone – Monte Cimone, Italy

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Hope – Cape of Good Hope, Africa

Image via Flickr/Zach Tirrell

Magen (or Megan) – Magen's Bay, St. Thomas, USVI

This is actually my namesake, although my parent's chose to spell it the traditional way. The story goes that they were on a cruise while my mom was pregnant with me, and they fell in love with the beauty of this bay!

Image via Wikimedia

Magdalena – Magdalena River, Colombia

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Maritsa – Maritsa River, Bulgaria

Image via Wikipedia/Guinea

Milo – Milo River, Guinea, Africa

The Milo River is a tributary of the ever important Niger River, which is pictured.

Image via Flickr/sunphlo

Murray – Murray River, Australia

Image via Wikipedia

Oti – Oti River, Ghana, Africa

I've never heard this one before either, but I like the possibilities!

Image via Geograph

Ramsey – Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man

Image via Pixabay/werner22brigitte

Rupert – Rupert Bay, Canada

Image via Flickr/robert thigpen

Sabine – Sabine River, Texas

Also a new one, also adorable for a baby girl.

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Where have you found baby name inspiration?

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Baby Names Inspired by Beautiful Places Around the World

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