What Your Baby Name Choice Says About You

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Even though I am probably (can't ever say never) not going to have any more children, I still love looking up baby names and reading the Top 100 list every year. Naming your baby is one of those first important decisions that can affect their lives for as long as they keep their name and that's a big deal.

While I don't share my babies' names online, I can assure you they're the perfect blend of not too common and not totally out there. I myself don't have a common name and I think it's because of that, I've been drawn more towards unique but not weird.

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What we name our children can say a lot about us as people – both past and present. So, all in fun – here are some lighthearted insights into what your baby name choice says about you and some examples of each:

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Common baby name

You're a traditional person who doesn't like to stand out too much and you want your child to blend in well too. You live by the rules, are a good upstanding citizen, and your baby is probably going to come right on their due date since you're all to-the-letter planners. You don't like surprises so it's no surprise your baby names are always in the top name lists of the past few years.

Examples: Jacob, Noah, Sophia

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Classic baby name

You're not as strict to the letter as those who like common baby names, but you're more into traditions, history, and doing things that are expected. You don't have any unpaid parking tickets – probably because you've never gotten one, and you have high expectations for your children to respect the rules and strive for happiness.

Examples: Mary, Adam, Ben

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Uniquely Spelled Baby Name

You want to fit in with the crowd, but for some reason you never have – but you're okay with that now. You love the common and traditional, but like it even more when you leave your mark on it. I bet in high school you were a part of the drama club and always ran in the student elections.


Examples: Avah, Konner, Carlee

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Uncommon baby names

You've never been one for the crowd, but you're not someone to start new trends either. You yourself either have a really out there name and swore that you'd never do that to your child or you were one of 3 kids with the same name in your class and hated it. When you chose the name for your baby, you wanted it to stand out just enough to feel special, but not enough to alienate people either. The best of both worlds in my opinion.

Examples: Ambrosia, Clementine, Serge

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Totally out there baby names

You don't have the typical job and you don't want your child to either. You're an artist and you love to be the center of attention – my guess? You're some sort of celebrity – even if just in your own mind.

Examples: Apple, Kal-El, Coco

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Old-school baby names

When you go out grocery shopping, you often wonder what happened to the good ol' days where people respected their elders, understood and used manners, and everyone paid in cash. While you realize the world is changing for the better too, you wish everyone could hold on to some of the traditions that made things a little simpler.

Examples: Alice, Henry, Olive

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Gender-friendly baby name

You don't like anyone telling you what you can and can't do and certainly not because of your gender. You like to bend the rules, but not to the point of getting anyone in trouble, so you're always looking for smart, harmless ways to stand out.

Examples: Charlie, Emerson, Cameron


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What do you think – do you fit into one of these baby-naming groups?

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What do you think?

What Your Baby Name Choice Says About You

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  1. Artisha says:

    So this will be my first child and I’m having a girl. Even though I’m only 37, I like old names like Olivia and Sophia but have found myself in love with naming her Reagon. What do you think?

  2. Angelica says:

    I can’t have any kids because I have Turner syndrome. so I’m planning to adopt, & thank God I get to rename the kid. I got my name ideas from: a Indian name from a Disney movie, & an old toon Disney show. a biblical middle name, & another middle name from a different movie. & an animal 🙂

  3. dlorac says:

    My name is Carol Maureen and I am named for my mother and my dads mom and I named my daughter Helen Frances also after my dad’s mom and my husband’s maternal grandmother who I was very fond of. Curious what that says about us?

    • Jennifer says:

      We also named our daughter after family members. Her first name is after her dad’s dad’s mom’s mom who died about 12 years ago. Then her middle name is after my step-mom’s mother who was an extremely positive influence in my life. So now we have a Theresa Isabelle.

  4. Albert says:

    Uh … I wasn’t allowed to be in the name decision making, which made me feel hated. When I brought up the subject she said I’ve already picked out the names. The first one was completely silly, which was Vladimir because she thought it was awesome. Then She decided on Riley Andrew, I don’t understand. The other name she chosen was Brayden, she likes it but her friends name is Braiden which makes me feel even more hated after everything I’ve done for her, like remodeling, buying a car, got two jobs and took parenting classes. Not hated but she made me feel less and less important and it drove me nuts after all we been through together. If it’s a girl it’s Skyler which I do like.. What do these names mean to you guys? What kind of kid will this be if I there’s no real meaning or importance behind them? Either way this is our baby, my baby and I’ll always love him or her no matter what. The name will be important to me, because my baby will be special to me.

    • Albert says:

      I mean there’s no real significance behind the names she chose, I’m named after somebody who was important in my fathers life. My child’s name was chosen because of how “cool” it sounds. She also wants to use her last name instead of mine which is kind of an insult knowing people make fun of her last name. She was thinking the baby’s nickname could be RAD instead of RAC? Like who cares? My blood line… It’s crazy, hopefully she will see how silly she’s being and do the right thing.

  5. Marissa says:

    We are having a girl, my fiance’s name is Steven, so her name will be Seven (Steven w/o the T. and also meaning good luck amongst other things) her middle name Renee after his deceased mother.
    It was either Steviee or Seven….we like both but Seven won us over

  6. Rose says:

    Hi my name is Mishelle my mom is rose and kayden and Keith are my brothers I thank God for giving me my family and thanx for kayden he has been a blessings to our family.

  7. Rose says:

    My baby brother is kayden baraka my name is Mishelle and rose is my mom kayden has being a blessings to our family thank you lord for the blessings and thanx for my family

  8. Rose says:

    My oldest son’s name is Keith Kenyatta,both names are unique in my country,Kenya n same case with both my daughter n my little baby..Mishelle wandia n kayden Baraka.Rose.

  9. Amiracle says:

    I have 3 children the oldest boy
    De’Veyon Deshawn Kentrail..
    The middle boy
    Darreyon Quantrail Ken’Dre
    An last my Lil princess
    D’Aubrey Kaliah Míchelle-Arielle
    I named my first son an the last 2 my husband named them.
    When he told me our daughter name I fell in love with it..

  10. kassy says:

    I have 7 children and the majority of them have very unique names….yet yes not weird! I actually get compliments on them all the time. Yet a lot of people aren’t quite sure how to pronounce their names when they see them spelled out. So here they go in order by age ….oldest to youngest! I will also put after their names the best I can….how it’s pronounced. Decovane [Duh-cove-van]…… Devontae…. not to unique! … Kahsiya [cu-sigh-ya] … Deshawn! .. 🙂 ..Araeya [uh-ray-ya] yes… like, a ray of sun shine but instead of OF it’s a ….. Then the twins… Shamar..it’s easy.. here’s the real hard one…. Ziarra … [zzz-eye-are-uh].. !!! So please do tell lol what do these names say about me …. I would love to hear this one lol!

  11. Sabrina says:

    We named our son Phoenix Thinh Ho.

  12. betty says:

    blah, blah, blah-name your baby whatever you like, there are still some rights we have that haven’t been taken over by the government or some “professional baby namer”, what a waste of space and computer usage.

  13. Aline says:

    This is not accurate. Just a bunch of bla bla bla! Everyone should choose their baby’s names by what they feel about the name. Don’t listen to this!

  14. Kenzi says:

    HAHA we were gonna name our son Kal-El but it sounded too weird with Allan as the middle name so I combined them into Kallan, which turned out to be an actual name just not so common

  15. Adrianna says:

    My sons name is going to be Jace Renee

  16. Karina says:

    Araceli (Daniela/Lucia) Bates.

  17. Savannah says:

    My son has an old Irish name, Caelen Donal. We love it so much, we’re sticking with a nice Irish name for our second’s first name (Braeden), but leaving the middle name to last minute. We had a last minute middle name change the first time, so we’re not committing to anything this time around!

  18. my sons is vincent james 🙂

  19. Jasmine says:

    Avenali Miriana is my daughters first and middle name. Pronounced (Ah-ven-ah-lee). I made up her name, but it was inspired by the name Emily to be honest. Miriana I thought would be a cute middle name.

  20. Moyo says:

    Since i got to know that I was having a girl, Hannah came to mind

  21. Briella Ashlie Paige <3

  22. Trish says:

    I love great names but with my own spin, I definitely love changing the spelling of things to make it special.

  23. veronica says:

    My daughter’s name is Samantha Montserrat. I kinda gave her a common first name with a more out there or not so common middle name. But I call her Monse, short for her middle name. I luv them both. 🙂


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