How to Avoid an Argument with Your Pregnant Wife

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Can I tell you a little secret? When I am pregnant, I tend to lose the amazing amount of patience I have with the world and all the people in it, and ,well, I can be a little difficult to get along with.

I am not pregnant now and don't anticipate that I will be again any time in the near or distant future, but oh how those days are still fresh in my mind. My husband was always great with me. He understood that if I was crankier than normal, it was probably pregnancy related–hormones and fears.

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When a woman is pregnant, it can be a challenging time for a partnership. Not only is she going through a crazy amount of changes within her body–the hormones, the lack of energy and sleep, and the changing shape of her body–but both the pregnant woman and her partner are going through a huge life shift. Soon you'll have a tiny human to care for, a crazy amount of responsibilities, less sleep, and a lifetime of being connected through this new baby.

Yeah, sounds a little stressful, right?

Well, all these changes can have an effect on even the solidest relationship, and arguments can pop up more than usual. If you and your pregnant partner are fighting a little more than usual, here are four things to consider that could very well help you avoid any uncomfortable arguments while she's pregnant.

Take her cravings seriously

When I was pregnant and I shared with my husband that I was craving orange juice or onion rings, I meant I wanted them, like, now. For the most part, he was amazing at taking these cravings seriously and would do what he could to make them appear in my hands, but he knew he kind of didn't have any choice.

If your partner is pregnant and you don't want to get into an argument, I suggest you take these cravings seriously as well and do whatever you can to make them appear. Yes, even if it is in the middle of a snowstorm and she wants the ice cream that you can only get at that one store twenty minutes away. You should consider it.

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Compliment her often

Everyone loves to hear that they look good, put together, and that all the extra work they're doing is being noticed and appreciated. Compliment your pregnant partner. Tell her how awesome she is doing with managing all the things pregnancy throws at a person. Tell her she looks beautiful even if she's feeling her worst, and thank her for growing your child. These sweet compliments can go a long way in helping her feel better. And if she's feeling better, you two will probably fight a little less.

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Be a little more understanding

Hormones, fears, strange things happening to her body–it can mess with even the most grounded, level-headed woman. If you want to avoid an argument with your pregnant partner, try to be a little more understanding about what's going on with her right now. Yes, your life is about to change drastically, too, and she could be a bit more forgiving with you, too, but you know, she's growing a human, and sometimes you just need to cut her a little slack.

Try and pick up a little more of the house chores and other duties and make a little more time for her to rest and put her feet up. You'll feel more involved in the pregnancy, and she will get the extra rest she needs, which is a great recipe for less arguing.

Talk over her fears, anxieties, planning, etc. with her

I was scared of many things when I was pregnant–there are so many unknowns. And even if you think she's “got this,” there is probably something she's worried about, trying to plan out, or has questions about when it comes to pregnancy, labor, or parenthood.

Take some time to talk to her about all of these and share your own with her. You both want to know you're not alone in this, and all these conversations can help you feel closer, more bonded, ready, and you'll probably argue less about it all later.

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What are some things that you're doing to help avoid arguments with your partner?

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How to Avoid an Argument with Your Pregnant Wife

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