Amazing Baby Shower Ideas for the Winter Born Baby

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I am not a fan of the winter because snow, ice-cold temperatures, and I just don't mix. A few years ago I wanted nothing to do with this season, but now that I am a mother and all four of my kids just happen to be winter-born babies, it's hold a special place for me now.

I get the warm-fuzzies when I think about this time of year when in the past I was heavily pregnant, anticipating the arrival of a much-loved member of our family. I still don't care for the ice-cold temperatures and the snow I could do without, but I just love my winter-born babies.

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If you're expecting a baby in the wintertime, or a good friend of yours is, there are some great ways you can incorporate this often overlooked season into your baby happenings. The baby shower is usually planned for some time in the last trimester and there are some particularly adorable ideas you can run with for a baby shower for a winter baby.

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Image via Etsy/ lovetheday

The Themes

1. Peppermint Paradise

Peppermint is the perfect theme for wintertime because you think about the holidays and snow and it's also amazing for baby showers because it goes with any gender. It's one of those fun themes that isn't used too often so it will be memorable for all your guests!

Check out: a great invite perfect for a peppermint theme from lovetheday on Etsy, $18

2. Snowflake Central

Winter means snow and even if you hate the cold, you have to agree that snowflakes are beyond gorgeous. It's a fun theme to help celebrate your baby and it's perfectly winter-centric!

Check out: a great invite perfect for a snowflake theme from VividLaneDesigns on Etsy, $18.

3. Hot Chocolate and Cookies

When it's cold outside there is nothing better than grabbing a spot on the couch and cuddling with with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Add in your favorite cookies and it's the perfect winter treat – and makes a great baby shower theme too! It's another gender-neutral theme and think of all the amazing treats you and your guests can enjoy!

Check out: a great invite perfect for a hot chocolate theme from LemonberryMoon on Etsy, $10.


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shower decor etsy winter happyheartprinting
Image via Etsy/ HappyHeartPrinting

The Decorations

1. There is so much you can do when it comes to decorations for the peppermint theme – just think red and white! Banners, garland, and food trays can all be the peppermint signature swirl of colors and it's a great choice of decorations for a baby whose gender is still a surprise.

Check out: A perfect peppermint candy swirl banner from Firenzi on Etsy, $20 and pinwheel paper fans from PartyFetti on Etsy, $19.99.

2. I love pairing snowflakes with a neutral grey and you can add a color pop of your choice for the most gorgeous decorations for your snowflake central theme. Think of all the fun ways you can incorporate the snowflake and really make all the decorations pop. You get all the beauty of winter without the cold!

Check out: Baby It's Cold Outside Shower Printable Party Decoration Kit from HappyHeartPrinting on Etsy, $15, and you'll be set for all the decorations you need to make this shower memorable.

3. There are an unlimited amount of color themes you can choose from for the hot chocolate and cookies baby shower and the decorations can reflect the gender of the baby (Oh! perfect too if you're doing your gender reveal at the same time), or you can keep the color theme neutral.

Check out: Polar Express Hot Chocolate Pack Red from Sassaby on Etsy, $9.95, for all the printables you need to make the party a great success!

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hot chocolate bar kevin and amanda
Image via kevin & amanda

The Food!

1. The peppermint theme lends itself so well for candy and treats at your baby shower. You can pair peppermint with chocolate – both white chocolate and milk chocolate – and think of the great cupcakes and cookies you can have! Since peppermint is one of those palate-cleansing tastes, you can cater your food menu to whatever you like and save the peppermint for dessert!

Check out: Candy Cane Cookies from GreenMntMiniBaked on Etsy, $15.50


2. When I think of a snowflake central theme I think there need to be snowflakes galore and even when it comes to dessert. For baby showers, I think that cake pops are the perfect for giving your guest a delicious dessert without having to do too much work to get it to them. You can make them ahead of time and make more than you think you'll need (you'll eat any leftovers, trust me) and there are some pretty amazing ways you can add snowflakes to the decorations.

Check out: Snowflake Cake Pops from Dolcecreativesweets on Etsy, $32 for one dozen treats.

3. You can't have a hot chocolate and cookie theme without a hot chocolate bar! You can set up a few different cookies and hot chocolates and have all the toppings you can think of right there for your guests to customize their hot beverage.

Check out: this amazingly adorable example of a Hot Chocolate bar from Kevin & Amanda.

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What was the theme of your baby shower? Share in the comments!

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Amazing Baby Shower Ideas for the Winter Born Baby

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