All About Your October Baby

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Looking to sources from astrology and the farmer's almanac to scientific research, here are some of the characteristics and symbols attributed to October babies.

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October was originally the eighth month of the year, as you may have guessed from the name. Associated with fall, pumpkins, pink ribbons in honor of breast cancer awareness, and Halloween, it's a busy and colorful month.

You'll be pleased to know that October babies have long lives ahead of them, as science says those born in this month live the longest. However they also may have greater chances of being affected by asthma. It shouldn't slow them down, though, as they're often quite fit and gifted at sports.

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Two stones are associated with October births – tourmaline and opal. Each of these stones can feature several colors in one gem, making them especially unique and lovely.

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The flower for October is the marigold. They may serve as a symbol of “warm or fierce, undying love.”

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The zodiac signs for October babies are Libra (until October 22nd) and Scorpio (from October 23rd forward).

  • Libra – Symbolized by the scales, they are all about finding balance. While they can go to extremes and can be shy, they are caring and ready to cheer on the underdog.
  • Scorpio – Symbolized by the scorpion, they are bold and focused. They won't back down from an argument, but they're also ready to take on any challenge.
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Famous October birthdays include Julie Andrews, Gwen Stefani, and Bill Gates.

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When is your October baby's birthday?

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All About Your October Baby

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