9 Movies That Show the True Craziness That Is Parenting

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Ever have one of those parenting days when you start to wonder if anyone else is struggling with becoming a parent as much as you are? Want a reminder that one day you'll look back on this day when your little one's diaper explosion + the dishwasher flood + the dog vomiting on the carpet + realizing none of your clothes fit will be something you can laugh about?

Check out these films for a reminder that the ups and downs of becoming a parent can make you cry – but they can also make you laugh.

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Look Who's Talking

Ever wondered what your baby would say to you if he could talk? This movie delivers an amusing look at the baby's take on fatherhood, single parenting, breast milk, and more. If you like this one …

baby movies - Look Who's Talking Too
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Look Who's Talking Too

You can see what happens when baby number two, the little sister, arrives.

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baby movies - Where the Heart Is
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Where the Heart Is

From giving birth in Walmart to naming your kids after snack foods, there are laughs to be had, but there are also reminders that life is sometimes hard – but always worth it.

baby movies - Raising Arizona
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Raising Arizona

When they can't have a baby on their own, a former cop and an ex-con decide that the local family with quintuplets won't miss just one.

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baby movies - Meet the Fockers
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Meet the Fockers

Crying it out, curse words, and a questionable plan for feeding via the “manary gland.” It's all here.

baby movies - Baby Boom
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Baby Boom

A businesswoman learns she has inherited something unexpected – a baby.

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baby movies - Parenthood
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Like the television show of the same name? This film was the inspiration for the family-centered stories on the show.

baby movies - Three Men and a Baby
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Three Men and a Baby

The age old idea of the baby in a basket on a doorstep is delivered – this time to three bachelors.

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baby movies - The Incredibles
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The Incredibles

Feel some days like you'd do better if you were a supermom? See how this superhero family handles it. Of special interest to new parents – the short Jack-Jack Attack, included in the DVD release. Find out what happens when the baby meets the babysitter.

10 Must-Watch Pregnancy Movies List
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And, whether or not baby is here yet, check out these films that focus on preconception, pregnancy, and the crazy details of giving birth – 10 Must-Watch Pregnancy Movies!

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What is your favorite movie about parenting?

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9 Movies That Show the True Craziness That Is Parenting

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