8 Strange Things Only Toddlers Can Get Away With

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There are some parts of parenting another human who is not quite grown up yet that can lead to confusing situations, and when we are talking about toddlers, there is a lot of confusing going on there.

I know that, as adults, we're supposed to conform to an unwritten set of rules, manners, and guidelines, and it's good that we do because so many things would go crazy if we didn't. However, not all age groups have this set of rules that they have to follow. In fact, some ages – like kids between 2 and 4 years old – seem to abide by their own set of guidelines that can only be applied to kids in that particular age group.

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Why? Because anyone older than 4 years old would never be able to get away with the things toddlers can get away with.

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Wearing tights as pants–in public.

I wear leggings in the house, and sometimes I'm not wearing a tunic or shirt long enough to cover all the parts that need to be covered, but I won't step out in public.

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Toddlers can and have totally gotten away with just wearing tights or leggings or other interesting outfits.

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A diet of only one-colored foods.

I admit that sometimes I want to eat chips for dinner and don't want to eat a well-balanced meal, but that's about as picky as I can get.

Toddlers can demand foods of only one particular color when it comes to meal time and, well, since we don't want to fight about it, they usually get what they want. Mac & Cheese, carrots, and oranges, anyone?

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Walking around without clothes on and no one noticing.

When I walk in the house after a long day (OK, even after a very short errand run), I like to take off my pants, because who needs them? I am not one who likes to be au naturel, but I am happy to be a part of the “no pants in my house” crowd. That's as far as I'll go, though, and for many adults, that's as far as we're allowed to go.


Toddlers, on the other hand, are able to rip all their clothes off at almost any time, and most people wouldn't even bat an eye. Why? Because that's what toddlers do.

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Having a tantrum in public.

It's not something I could do unless I wanted to get arrested. A toddler? They can scream in public for any assortment of reasons: I didn't get them a chocolate bar? Done. They wanted to take their shoes off? Done.

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Making rude comments about other people.

We, as adults, would be called some pretty rude names back if we said something to someone that was considered rude. Toddlers seem to get a free pass because they're still learning, but sometimes, there's some real truth to what they're saying … sometimes.

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Falling asleep mid-eating.

I just don't even get it. How can toddlers just stop whatever they're doing and just fall asleep? I have to employ all sorts of magic tricks to shut my brain off long enough to drift into sleep, and that's even if I can with all the kid noise that happens.

Somehow, toddlers can be mid meal and just decide it's the most perfect setting to take a snooze.

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Ignoring people when they talk to you.

I'm sorry. I'm choosing not to listen to you.


Yeah, that doesn't work for me as an adult. I can't just twirl around in circles, singing lyrics that don't make sense and pretend not to hear my boss, who is obviously trying to get my attention. You know who can? Any 3-year-old, that's who.

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Not using proper words for common things.

I am expected to sound like I know what I am talking about, even if I haven't had more than two hours of sleep at a time in over a year. If I want to be taken seriously, I need to speak words that make sense and, well, toddlers don't have to do that.

Sure, they're still learning, but sometimes, they refer to food as “‘nacks” instead or like to make us call them “Elsa or Anna” instead of by their real names. Must be nice, right?

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What are some things you've noticed toddlers can get away with that you can't as an adult? Share in the comments!

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8 Strange Things Only Toddlers Can Get Away With

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