8 Parents Share the Sweetest Things Their Toddlers Have Said

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The terrible twos and other ages that fall within the “toddler” category have a bad rap. Sure, we're dealing with a small kid who is just realizing that they can get what they want with a little pushing, and they don't back down easily — but, there's a sweeter side to this age as well.

Toddlers have this ability to just say the most amazingly sweetest things. One moment you could be fuming mad that they're not listening and talking back and in the next minute, they've stolen your heart again by seeing the world in a way only a 2-year old could.

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If you're looking for some sunshine today or you need some happy news for once, check out these stories from 8 parents that share the sweetest thing their toddler has said — they're adorable and memorable!

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Dentist and Tooth Fairy

“A few years ago, I took both my children to their dental appointment. As we were leaving the appointment and exiting down a long staircase, my son who was 5 said, ‘That was great, I think I would like to be a dentist when I'm older,' and my daughter who was 3 followed with, ‘And I would like to be a tooth fairy!' We still giggle about this.” — Victoria, The Victoria Chart Company LLC

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Love Better

“A few years ago when my youngest son was about four years old I introduced a conversation starter one evening as we all sat down to eat dinner. I was hoping to bring some calm to the chaos which often happens in a large family. The moments that followed will stick with me forever. The question was, ‘Name something you can do better than your parents.'

We went round-robin and asked all our children for their response. They, of course, had their own ‘talents' that they mentioned including knowing how to ride a horse better and being able to name all the Pokemon characters. Then came my four-year old's turn. He paused for maybe three seconds and confidently said, ‘I know how to LOVE better!' Wow! He blew my husband and me away with his sweet, honest, and confident response … probably my favorite of all time.” — Anastasia Gavalas, mother of 5

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Star and Love

“When tucking in my daughter, Isabel, one night when she was about 3, she said, ‘Mommy, you are my heart and star.' This was a designation she frequently repeated. Shortly thereafter, she and her older brother, Javier, were at my mom's condo, decorating her Christmas tree to the strains of holiday music, having a festive evening and spending the night. Mom had tucked them in and was in the kitchen cleaning up the cocoa mugs, etc., when Isabel climbed out of bed, toddled out and hugged Mom's legs, quietly revealing, ‘Gramma, you are my most love.' Melted my Mom's heart right then and there. Isabel is nine years old now, and we are still quoting her precious sharings from her sweet toddler days! — Brea Montanez, pharmacist, Jacksonville, FL

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Technology Kids

“One day our 3-year old, Mathias, was exceptionally tired and his actions were showing it! I pulled him onto my lap to talk about his behavior. He laid his head on my shoulder and said through tears, ‘Oh, mama, I just want to delete this day.'” — Paul Kortman, Grandville, MI

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Clean Shoes!

“Yesterday was my birthday and the day before my 4 year old grabbed a whole roll of wrapping paper and said he was wrapping daddy's present. He came in my room a few minutes later with a bundle of wrapping paper. He unwrapped my ‘present' for me … he had gotten a rag and wiped off my shoes and said, ‘I cleaned your shoes for your birthday! Now you can wear clean shoes all day!' It was more of a gesture than what he said, but one of the sweetest things that had ever been done for me!” — Shawn

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Food Thanks

“I have 3 kids and we are always working on saying please and thank you. My 4 year old daughter forgets a lot and has to be reminded EXCEPT whenever I cook something she really likes, she will say dramatically, ‘Thank you Mom for cooking this most delicious meal.' It's always so cute, so sweet, and so over the top. I love it!” — Nicole


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“The 2 year old, has this phrase that just melts me every time no matter what I'm doing. It's simple … she finds a blanket, puts her arms high up in the air, looks deep into my eyes with the most sincere look and says ‘Daddy … hold me.'” — Timothy J. Trudeau, SYNTAX*CREATIVE

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Save Him

“Micah has a older brother that's away at college, she misses him very much. During her bath time she plays with the shampoo bottles that are empty. She named one of the bottles Tysheem after her big brother. One day one of the labels came off of the bottle she named after her brother. She began to cry, she said, ‘Mommy we have to save my big brother!' She was two years old when this incident happened.” — Shameeca

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What is the sweetest thing your toddler's ever said to you? Share in the comments!

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8 Parents Share the Sweetest Things Their Toddlers Have Said

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