8 Must-Photograph Moments This Summer

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Summer is a wonderful time to capture family memories with your camera. There is more daylight and, in general, more time is spent outside. Also, the wide range of summer activities makes for such interesting composition and subjects. From Ferris wheels to fireworks, the movements, colors, and textures of summer photography are fantastic.

Here are the top not-to-miss summer moments to capture with your camera.

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Making Summer Messes

Embrace your child's mess, and say “yes” to those moments that can make for tricky clean up indoors. Instead, grab your camera and capture your child in the moment of making a mess. Sticky popsicles, shirtless finger painting, or splashes into mud puddles make for great candid photography mess-making moments.

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Blowing Bubbles

Children of all ages love bubbles. There is something magical about them. Practice nailing your focus on the bubbles for a great image with the single-point focus technique.

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Playing in the Water

Water parks and fountains are the best places to improve your understanding of shutter speed. A fast shutter speed will freeze water, and a slow shutter speed will show the motion of water. I love capturing my children in the midst of playing in a fountain.

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Capture the Small Details

Bare feet, tiny hands in the grass or sand, and beads of sweat tell the story of summer. Don't forget to photograph those small details that tell about your family's summer adventures.

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Take a Self Portrait

Don't forget to get in front of the camera with your kids this summer. Years down the road, you will treasure these photos the most. I promise.

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I love the challenge of photographing fireworks with my DSLR. With the combination of a tripod, the right camera settings, and the perfect spot to view the show, you too can create great images this Independence Day.

Check out Sarah's fireworks photography tips for more helpful suggestions.

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Family photos at the beach are a definite must, but it's important to take care of your camera around the wind and sand. Please keep your camera and all lenses off the sand. A towel is NOT an adequate place to lay it.

When I bring my camera to the beach, I keep it on me at all times. I keep my lenses in a small camera bag and avoid switching lenses too often.

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Nature Walk

I love photographing my family in the elements, surrounded by greens and browns. It's relaxing and makes for a wonderful backdrop.

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What is your favorite summer memory to capture?

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8 Must-Photograph Moments This Summer

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