8 Baby Names Inspired by the Winter Season

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This morning, I had to turn on the furnace — again. I am not pleased when the weather turns cold because I prefer to be in my happy season — the spring. When it's not too hot and not too cold, that's the season you'll find me at my happiest and most cheerful.

I get that not everyone hates winter. Yes, the snow is pretty, and there are some awesome holidays around this time of year. There are some people who love the cold air, the sports that require ice and snow, and if you're one of these people, the winter can bring some happy baby name inspiration.

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If you're in need of inspiration for your baby-to-be, check out these 8 baby names inspired by the cold, but very pretty winter season.

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There is no doubt where the inspiration came from for this name because it just screams a fondness for the coldest season. It's a beautiful name for a girl, and with some creative spelling, you can make it a little more unique for your special girl.

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This sounds like fire, but it also reminds me of a snowstorm. It's a standout name for a little boy who has some fire behind his attitude and one that will stand out from the crowd.

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You can't think winter without thinking about Jack Frost. He's like a super famous man of the snow, and he's in a pretty great movie, I may add. If you're expecting a boy and don't want the inspiration to be too noticeable, this is perfect. Also, Jack won't ever go out of style.

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I adore this name for a boy or a girl, and unisex names hold a special place in my heart. (I myself have one, as do two of my four children.) While it's not obviously inspired by winter, the name fits perfectly for this season.

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When I think of winter, I think of the crisp, cold air that I often loathe, but if you're a fan or you just love this name, Crispin is a perfect fit without being too obvious where the inspiration came from.

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A totally olden-style name that needs to be used more often because it's adorable. It just happens to be the French word for “white,” and that goes perfectly with the white, snowy winter season.

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This name is so gorgeous I don't know why it's not more popular. With the word “ice” in the name, it's, of course, inspired by the winter season, but it's gorgeous enough to stand all on its own. I see this name perfect for a sweet little girl who has big dreams (like Elsa from Frozen).

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I love, love this name because it's not too out there, but it also will stand above the crowd. It's the perfect name for a strapping boy born in the winter but who will warm your heart.

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What are your favorite winter-inspired names? Share in the comments!

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8 Baby Names Inspired by the Winter Season

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