7 Ways to Keep Busy Through the Last Trimester

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I am at that point in pregnancy when I feel too far in to imagine life before being pregnant, yet too far from the end to imagine ever being done.

At exactly 32 weeks, I still have a long, lingering eight weeks to go, and honestly, if I think about it too much, I just may cry. Because, of course, like any giant pregnant woman, I am swollen and miserable, and mysteriously, I wake up in the morning feeling more exhausted and sore than when I went to sleep, from the tossing and turning and attempts at tucking approximately 10,000 pillows under my body in something that resembles comfort.

I know I need to stay mentally upbeat. I am, after all, not the first woman to be pregnant, nor will I be the last.

Every day, millions of pregnant women join me in the slow crawl to the finish line of our due dates, when we will be thrust into a new life of struggle and joy. But hey, at least we will be able to have a seat without a bowling ball resting between our legs, right?

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So in an attempt to distract me from the eight weeks I have left, I've devised a plan for getting through by staying busy with these easy weekly activities. It goes a little something like this: one big “activity” for every week, just to give myself something to look forward to every week, a nice little item to check off of my list, and then, before I know it …

It's baby time! Click through for some pregnancy distractions that you can make your own!

garage sale
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Host a garage sale

I don't know about you, but I've been going crazy with the nesting over here. I seriously have purged every closet, drawer, nook, and cranny of my house. And while it feels so good to clean it all out, it's also a little bit overwhelming because then I'm left with all of this stuff to get rid of.

This year, instead of hauling it all to Goodwill, I decided to host a garage sale, combining it with my parents, or even some neighbors, to make it worth our while. Alternatively, if you don't have the energy to do a garage sale, consider selling online. There are many online swap sites and Facebook groups that make selling super simple.

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Host a gender reveal party

If you haven't revealed your baby's gender yet, why not throw a gender reveal party? It's a fun excuse to get together and reveal your baby's gender to everyone all at once.


We hosted a gender reveal party, and I had a lot of fun browsing Pinterest, crafting a little, and getting together with family and friends over a simple meal of pizza. Don't forget to check out our great list of gender reveal ideas if cake isn't exactly your thing.

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Organize the toy room

If this is your first baby, your step may be just starting a toy room, but if you have other children, I guarantee that this exercise will be worth it.

Scour online for some cheap shelving and baskets and go to town organizing the toy room. Keep toys in reach for easy access for kids and ensure that they can all be tucked away for hide-away storage. Your nesting-mama's heart will be so glad you took this project on.

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Make a week's worth of freezer meals

Dedicate one day of the week to making up a big batch of freezer meals or simply double your normal meals for the week and freeze the extra. I like to aim to have at least a week's worth of meals ready to go, and for me, they have to be easy to prepare, too, because with three littles already at home, I'm already busy.

So far, I've managed to freeze:

  • Lasagna
  • Bean & Spinach Enchiladas
  • Sweet & Sour Crockpot Chicken

And I just need two more to go! Suggestions anyone? These look like they have potential!

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Get away

I don't care if it's the hotel down the road or a big vacation somewhere tropical, but make it a priority to get away somewhere before the baby comes. If you have other small children, keep it light and local, but either way, you will make memories together and enjoy one last time of relaxation before you have to haul out all that newborn stuff wherever you go again.

Our family booked a stay at a not-too-far-away hotel water park (room service for the parents, pool for the kids!) as well as a stay at a friend's waterfront cabin for a few nights. Yay for cheap, kid-friendly relaxation!


birth plan
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Make a post-baby plan

Even if it's just a rough idea, spend some time this week dreaming up some goals and plans for post-birth. Will you need a babysitter to help you as you recover? Will Grandma be popping in for a visit and be needing a place to stay? When will you be returning to work or will you stay home? Try to have everything lined up for on-call sitters for the birth and beyond, as well covering your bases to make sure you will have help in the first few weeks after birth.

Also, it's time to get that hospital bag packed, and don't forget to include one “frivolous” item, like your favorite scented lotion to bring a touch of home with you!

hair cut
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Book a beauty day

Now, listen up, because this one's important: A week before your due date, book yourself a “before baby beauty day” and go all out on the pampering. We're talking cut, color, pedicure, and, heck, why not a massage if you can swing it? (You might even induce labor with those pressure points!)

Honestly, I am already looking forward to booking my beauty day, and I've even started saving for it, because I do think it's that important. You deserve to feel pretty before you deliver, and let's face it, you won't be having that kind of pampering time anytime soon with a newborn, so enjoy it now!

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What are some ways you stay busy during your pregnancy?

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7 Ways to Keep Busy Through the Last Trimester

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