7 Real Embarrassing Labor Moments

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Labor may be one of the most serious times in a woman's life, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its share of funny, awkward, or embarrassing moments.

Click through to read a few confessions from real moms who are airing their most embarrassing labor moments. (Including yours truly, which, honestly, I think is the most embarrassing of them all …)

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Embarrassing Labor Moment #1

“My water broke, in a glass elevator, coming out of my OB appointment,” said writer Melissa Cohen. “By the time I reached the bottom floor, I looked like I had wet my pants. I called my doctor; she had me GO BACK upstairs, soggy, waddling, and still clutching my 3-year-old's hand.

“I walked into the office, she looked at me at immediately, sent me BACK DOWNSTAIRS — same elevator — to labor and delivery. I was mortified.”

Embarrassing Labor Moment #2

“My water broke on the table while the doctor was checking me at my appointment,” said new mom Janell Dick. “It was everywhere; the nurse even looked freaked out. She just kept handing me paper towels.”

When she got to the hospital, the staff questioned her: “The hospital kept asking me, ‘Are you sure it broke?' [I said], Yes, it was everywhere — that's why they sent me here!” And after being covered in water, what's a little more mess?

After her son, Wyatt was born, he pooped all over his mom! “They cleaned it up, [and] then he pooped again,” laughed Janell.

Embarrassing Labor Moment #3

“OK, so I've never told this to anyone,” confessed Kristel Acevedo of Glowing Light. “When I was giving birth to Isabel (it was a home water birth), I was in the tub pushing, and I put my hand on my bum because it really felt like it was going to rip wide open! The pressure was intense.


“Then I felt something on my fingers. I brought my hand out of water, and there was poop on my hand! Grosssss. At that point, I couldn't even worry about it. I shook it off and went back to pushing my daughter out.”

Embarrassing Labor Moment #4

“I was at 8 cm,” related mom of two Danielle Easlick. “The blood pressure cuff started, and my hand went numb. I freaked out. [I] started crying, yelling at [my husband] that I couldn't feel my hand. It was hysterical and super embarrassing looking back. In the moment, I am pretty sure my hand was going to fall off.”

Embarrassing Labor Moment #5

“Worst thing I can remember is asking the nurse if I was supposed to push with my eyes open or shut because it felt like I was pushing my eyes out of my head,” said Lindsay Pender. “And asking them to shut the entertainment center because I could see everything reflected in the TV!”

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Embarrassing Labor Moment #6

“When I was in labor with Carson, they gave me pain killers through an IV, and then 15 minutes later, they gave me my epidural, and I got very loopy,” said Maggie Payne. “I started getting nervous and told the nurse I was high. She told me that everything was fine, and I yelled, ‘NO! I am high right now. My mother is on her way to the hospital, and she can't see me high! I need everyone to leave so I can sleep and sober up.' The nurses teased me about it my whole hospital stay.”

Embarrassing Labor Moment #7

I'll end this round-up by spilling my own embarrassing labor story:

With my first daughter, I had a pretty rough labor, and by the end of it, I was pretty much losing my mind. And then, my daughter got stuck while I was pushing — for three.whole.hours. I don't remember it, but my husband tells me that, somewhere around the two-and-a-half-hour mark, with my daughter's head crowning, I apparently decided I was done.


“I'm leaving!” I declared and then proceeded to try to climb out of my hospital bed. It took my husband and my saint of an OB nurse to hold me back down so I could, um, give birth. Awkward.

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Do you have an embarrassing labor story? Share in the comments!

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7 Real Embarrassing Labor Moments

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  1. Michelle says:

    I got induced with my 3rd as I had with the first 2 and it was time to push….I kept telling my doctor something was wrong, it didn’t feel right…he told me to keep pushing, I told him again something was wrong and he didn’t believe me. With the next push I peed all over him…..I think he believed me that something was wrong then…..so embarrassing!

  2. Alicia says:

    Let me start out by saying I did not expect having my water broken by my doctor would be quite what it was. I thought it would just be a gush and be done. What they don’t tell you is you will feel like a snail every time you talk, sneeze, cough, shift in bed, get up, etc. When my new nurse came on shift during the middle of my induction, she told me I could do anything I wanted: go for a walk, get on the exercise ball, or lay in different positions. She left the room while I went to the restroom and I climbed on the exercise ball by the time she came back. She explained that she wanted to check me first and then have me take a walk or get back on the ball. When I went to stand up, both my husband and nurse had to help. To my surprise (and utter disgust), out came a pool of amniotic fluid gushing onto the floor! The nurse exclaimed, “Oh my! Umm let me get some towels.” As I proceeded to walk back to my bed, I screamed “Honey, you’re going to step in it!! Get your shoes on!” We all then realized together that my sweet, sweet husband had been laying on the cot in the room and had taken his shoes off. It was disgusting and gross, but funny as hell! We all had a good laugh after the floor was mopped.

  3. Sam says:

    I had a super easy experience, but still had embarrassment. While my mother, boyfriend and nurse were cheering me on to push I got really irritated and shouted, “I am, I am! I am trying my best!” Everyone got real quite after that.

  4. Kamillia says:

    After a complicated delivery, which did not affect my daughter in the least, I was very tired and not to mention on at least two forms of pain reliever. The nurse came in, I do believe to change sheets, and as I sat up the words ” oh my god… I think I just crapped my self, ” fell out of my mouth. It was so awkward and out of no where the nurse didn’t quite know how to respond. So my husband looked at me, grinned, and did every thing he could to not laugh. Later realizing how much he really knew why I was so embarrassed, I understood why he looked at the nurse and said, ” well good thing your here to change the sheets “…

  5. aurea says:

    My mom decided to argue with the nurses and the doctors while a was having my baby she was saying she was going to sue everyone for not letting push and when my ob got there she was yelling at her what took you so long …i think everyone in that room hated me hahaha

  6. Aubrey says:

    With my first son, they kept telling me that I hadn’t dilated far enough to start pushing. There hadn’t been anyone in that could check me for almost an hour, and I was sure it was time. So this nurse, who might have weighed a 100lbs in a soaking wet parka, held one foot while my mom held another (I think they were just humoring me to calm me down) so I could push. Well, I launched her halfway across the room on the next contraction. Needless to say, they broke the bed down almost immediately and the head nurse checked me and low and behold, I was at a 10 with his head coming through. Doc almost didn’t make it in the room (on call doc, my dr had said she would induce me in the morning) I had my mom get a big fruit platter for the OB nurses the next morning as an apology. I hip pressed 300 regularly at that time…. OOPS!

    • When my waters broke, I was at a wedding reception. I left the reception buffet line and ran out of the hall and as it happened, I bumped into a priest to ask where the ladies’ room was because my waters had broken. He said, “I don’t understand” and I said: “Just, please, get my husband.” Subsequently, I found the ladies’ room and after trying to clean up from all the water, my husband finally found me and off we went to the hospital.

      Because I have an anthropoid pelvis, which I didn’t learn in all of my readings, but after all was said and done, I had to have forceps. This meant a spinal anaesthetic. During the delivery, I kept on saying: How many mothers are in here? how many babies are in here? are there any more mothers giving birth in here other than myself? Finally, the baby boy was delivered, he was held by his ankles and slapped on the fanny to get him breathing. All was normal. The nurses washed him brought him to me and I said in a loud voice: No, this baby isn’t mine, take him back from whence he came …. he doesn’t belong to me! he doesn’t look like me! Whose baby is this? I was assured it was mine and I kept on arguing that he wasn’t mine because it is a boy and it doesn’t look like my husband! The nurses, the physician tried to convince me that it was my baby and I said, his face is so red that he couldn’t be my baby, I’m not red in the face ….. After about 15 minutes of my insane arguments, I agreed and took my baby. Looking back, the spinal I know went into my spine but I suspect that part of it went into my head because I was absolutely illogical, unreasonable, lost all lucidity, lost my mind at that point. You would never believe it but I hold a Ph.D. degree from a major university in this country and when I say major, define that as one of the top 5 universities in this country. To this day, I don’t know whether to laugh, to cry or hide my head in embarassment and sheer disbelief.


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