7 Questions New Parents Will Probably Ask Themselves at Some Point

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If you're a new parent, it can be a really strange time in life when you're learning about a new person you're completely responsible for. There are people you can lean on and websites you can go to for advice, but ultimately, you need to rely on your instincts to get you through the weird times.

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Yes, there will be weird times — times when you wonder if others feel the same way, times when you wonder if other parents have to deal with similar situations and times when you have questions that you wish you had the answer to. I know I've had quite a handful over the past nine years, and if you're a new parent I bet at some point in parenting you will wonder these questions at least once.

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What am I supposed to do with this baby all day?

At first, your baby is so little, and all he/she does is cry, lie there, and need new diapers just as you finish changing them. I remember when I brought my first baby home, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Should I be reading books with her? Should I take her out in the winter?

Eventually, you will feel better when you walk around just talking to yourself (your baby will eventually talk back).

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How do I fake being rested if I hate coffee?

I didn't know what “tired” was until I had a baby — it's totally different than staying up all night in college, cramming to get that assignment done last minute. I didn't like coffee, and there was nothing else that would keep me awake. By the time I had my third child and was even more tired, coffee and I got along. and now, after four kids, we're BFFs.

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Where is all this laundry coming from?

It's one tiny baby, but you will be amazed (or horrified) with how much laundry piles up now that they're around. The more children you have, the bigger that pile gets, too.

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When do kids start cleaning up after themselves?

The answer? It's never soon enough, but eventually 🙂

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Is cereal OK for dinner, again?

The days are long and full of exhaustion, and when dinner time comes, you'll probably be tired. Yes, there will come a point where you wonder if cereal is OK for dinner, and that question will be asked when your kids are old enough for cereal, too. My answer? There's never a wrong time for cereal.

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Why are kid shows so lame?

Have you ever sat through an episode of Dora the Explorer and wondered why she keeps asking the same question over and over again, just staring at you with her big eyes? It won't get any less creepy as time goes on, and more and more shows will begin to get on your nerves. Just embrace it.

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Am I doing a good job?

Every parent that I have ever talked to asks this question at least once when he or she become a parent. I know I have questioned this a few times, and it always seems to be when the days and nights meld into one, when I am sleep deprived, and when I just can't seem to keep my baby happy. It's hard, and it's hard to be confident, but I know I am doing a good job, and you are, too.

What are some of the questions you've found yourself asking when you became a new parent? Share in the comments!

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7 Questions New Parents Will Probably Ask Themselves at Some Point

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