7 Parents Share the Funny Reasons Their Toddler Was Crying

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If you ask parents about the toddler stage, chances are you'll end up hearing one thing over and over again: toddlers cry, they have tantrums, and they're unpredictable. I've seen it in the stores as I pass the parents trying to plead with their young child, and I've been that parent myself. Many times.

Looking back at those embarrassing parenting moments when my kid is throwing a fit in the grocery store because I didn't want to get a second bunch of bananas, it's funny in hindsight. I mean, they're bananas, and my kid just, well, did what toddlers do.

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If you are dealing with the toddler random cries, you're not alone! Next time it happens, just take a moment to smile and try to soak in all the humor because those stories will be ones you want to share with your kids when they get older

Here are 7 parents who remember the funny reasons their toddler was crying. See! You're not alone!

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“She was crying so hard because she wanted a snack that she asked for, and I said yes. But she just kept on crying, even though I kept saying, ‘Yes, you can have it.'

“She kept crying and saying, ‘No. I want the cookie.” And I would say, ‘Yes, you can have the cookie.' Then I gave her the cookie, and she threw it at me and said, ‘No, I want that cookie!!' ” — Aimee

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Sharp items

“Because I wouldn't let her play with knives.” — Julianna

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“I said, ‘Wanna watch George while I make lunch?' He said yes. I turned it on. He's now crying yelling ‘nooooooo' while he watches.” – Angie

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Coffee cup home

“Because I wouldn't let him put his puppy Zhu Zhu Pet inside my (full) coffee cup. He had an epic tantrum about it, too!” – Devon

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Mixing it up

“Because I won't let him a) poke his sister in the eye, b) tear her hair out, and/or c) body slam her onto the hardwood floors and then use her head as a hippity hop. Depending on the day. He likes to mix it up.” – Terra

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“Omg, Vivi literally vibrated in the car because of a ladybug.” — Casey

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Picky plates

“Because she wanted the pink plate, silly mummy gave her the yellow plate, then tried to make it right by switching the yellow plate for the requested pink plate, [only] to be screamed at even more!” – Mel

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Now your turn. What is the funniest reason your toddler started their tantrum? Share in the comments!

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7 Parents Share the Funny Reasons Their Toddler Was Crying

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  1. Profile photo of jesster131 jesster131 says:

    Because I gave him chocolate milk in his cars cup. No chocolate milk in that cup I guess.

  2. Profile photo of JessicaBond JessicaBond says:

    My almost 3yr threw a tantrum because she didn’t want to go trick or treating.

  3. Profile photo of Lisa Lisa says:

    When my kids were 2 and 3 I once had the 3 year old throw a tantrum because his brothers shoes were the same as his! lol


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