7 New Year Resolutions Your Toddler May Have

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Just when I was getting used to writing “2014,” it's all going to change as we get ready to celebrate the New Year. I think this next one is going to be my best one yet because my family feels complete and my youngest is entering the fun age when he's walking, talking, and becoming his own person.

I have never really been one to celebrate with resolutions — I just feel like it's too much pressure — but I know so many benefit from making them. Common resolutions for adults seem to be working out more, eating healthier, and doing more of the things that make us happy.

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But, what about our kids? I have a feeling their resolutions would be a little different than ours would and, well, toddlers have a fun way at looking at new goals for the New Year.

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1. Eat less

… vegetables and demand more crackers!

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2. Work on my acting skills

I'll practice at the store when Dad says “no” to that candy bar.

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3. Go to bed early

In Mom's bed, of course.

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4. Spend more time reading

Well, spend more time getting my brother to read to me.

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5. Watch less TV

And watch more iPad.

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6. Exercise more

I'll run more — inside.

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7. Drink more water

Bathtub water, only.

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What are some resolutions you think your toddler would have this year? Share in the comments!

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7 New Year Resolutions Your Toddler May Have

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