7 Mind-Blowing Facts about Pregnancy

7 mind blowing facts
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It's time for real talk: You all have known at least one person who announced her pregnancy and you immediately did the conception arithmetic in your head. For example, when newlywed Jill Duggar, of the 19 Kids and Counting Duggars, announced she was pregnant with her first baby — just 90 days after her wedding. The Internet grasped their pearls. After all, she was 93-days pregnant. Did that mean a little extra-marital activity on the eve of her wedding?

The truth is not nearly as interesting. A woman's pregnancy is counted starting at her last normal period, which is two weeks before the baby is conceived. Nice try, truthers.

This isn't the only mind-blowing fact about pregnancy. Carrying is not only a normal biological process, but simply, utterly amazing.

Here are 7 mind-blowing facts about pregnancy that will leave you in awe!

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When 39 weeks of pregnancy comes around, most pregnant ladies are more than ready to have their babies. But what if you still had several more weeks to go? The longest pregnancy on record was 375 days. Twenty-five-year-old Beulah Hunter gave birth to her daughter, Penny Diana, in 1945, after carrying her baby for 100 days longer than a normal pregnancy. The baby was born, weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and Beulah's doctor, Dr. Beltz, described Hunter's pregnancy as a slow-developing pregnancy because the baby had grown so slowly inside her mother's womb.


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You've probably never wondered what your amniotic fluid tastes like, but we have the answer anyway. Studies have shown that some substances, including garlic and some juices, seep into amniotic fluid, allowing your baby to taste some of what you eat.

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Speaking of amniotic fluid, here's another fun fact: Your baby floats in about a quart of fluid during the final trimester. The fluid is made up of several things, but mostly sterile urine from your baby. The baby breathes in this amniotic fluid, then pees, then breathes it … you get the picture.

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Hey, news flash: Babies cry. A lot.

Of course, if you have ever spent much time with a newborn, you know that already. However, you might not know that babies have been shown to start crying — or at least practice facial expressions we associate with being unhappy — while they are still in mama's belly. Starting at 24 weeks, babies begin wrinkling their noses, parting their lips, and lowering their brows.

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The uterus is a pretty undervalued organ. This organ expands nearly 500 times its original size to accommodate the growing baby.

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Hormones during pregnancy are what's responsible for the best and worst parts of growing a baby. High hormone levels can give you anything from heartburn to a beautiful glow. Your body makes an impressive amount of estrogen, which is one of the heaviest hitters in the pregnancy-hormone cocktail. Your body makes more estrogen during one pregnancy than you will make for the rest of your life. Now you know why pregnant women blame hormones for almost everything!

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What other amazing things about pregnancy do you know?

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7 Mind-Blowing Facts about Pregnancy

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