7 Easy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
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My two least favorite household chores are laundry and grocery shopping. Since I despise grocery shopping, I typically put off going until Sunday afternoon. By this time, I'm tired, my kids are cranky, and I have no desire to cook dinner. More often than not, I pick up a rotisserie chicken from the store and serve it for dinner.

When we get tired of chicken dinner, I love using the rotisserie chicken to prepare a chicken dish. Skipping the step of cooking the chicken really makes preparing certain meals very easy. Here are some of my family's favorite chicken recipes that are great to use rotisserie chicken in.

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easy rotisserie chicken recipes
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Chicken Noodle Casserole. This dish is fantastically delicious and cheesy! Perfect for any mac-and-cheese lover.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
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Skinny Chicken Enchiladas. I love making enchiladas. When I use a rotisserie chicken to make this dish, I season the chicken in a large bowl and then make the enchiladas.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
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Rotisserie Chicken Soup with Rice. There is nothing like a hot bowl of chicken and rice soup on a cold winter night. This recipe is packed with goodness. If your family loves chicken noodle soup, this one will be a huge hit.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
Image via Kitchen Meets Girl

One Pot Chicken Alfredo. If you love chicken alfredo, you will love this one pot dish. I consider one-pot dishes the cream of the crop when it comes to weeknight meals.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
Image via Once Upon a Chef

White Chicken Chili. Jenn's chicken chili is a quick-and-simple dish that will leave you wanting seconds. It's my favorite chicken chili recipe.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
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Homemade Chicken Cheesesteak. I have had a Philly Chicken Cheesesteak a handful of times. Every once in a while, I crave them for dinner. This recipe is so goshdarn good.

easy rotisserie chicken recipes
Image via Home. Made. Interest

Kid Friendly Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups. My family loves lasagna, but I despise how long it takes to make lasagna. Roll-ups are the perfect solution to that problem and they're even simpler when you sub in the precooked chicken.

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What is your favorite way to use a rotisserie chicken?

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7 Easy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

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