7 Celebrity Moms Who Parent Solo

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Can we just get a high-five-woot-woot-you-go-girl for the single mamas? Many juggle working, caring for little ones, AND taking time for themselves, and that's no easy feat. In fact, in my opinion, it's a Herculean task done daily.

Now celebrity single moms? I want to tone down the cheering section for them just a tad, but only because their single mom-dom comes with nannies, personal assistants, and chefs to help them with the day-to-day life. But that doesn't mean they aren't just as courageous for taking on the task of raising children on their own.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity moms who decided to parent alone — and are loving it!

Sandra Bullock single parent
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America's sweetheart was happily married to reality-show star Jesse James when she won her first Oscar for her role in The Blind Side. But soon after, her seemingly perfect world crashed down when she found out he was cheating on her. Just two months later, Sandra announced she adopted a baby boy from New Orleans. Sandra has been lovingly raising little Louis on her own ever since. 

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Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef host and cookbook author, called her pregnancy a “medical miracle” and opened up about her battle with endometriosis but stayed mum about the identity of her baby-daddy. The father was later identified as venture capitalist Adam Dell, but Padma has raised daughter, Krishna, without him in the picture.

English actress Minnie Driver had been linked to Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, but found love, at least for a brief period of time, with a then-unknown mystery man, who fathered her child, Henry Story. Minnie gave birth to her son in 2008 and later admitted the father was former producer of her hit television show, The Riches. 

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Singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow was engaged to Lance Armstrong, but the couple ended the engagement because she wanted children and he didn't. This strong, confident woman didn't let that stop her; Sheryl adopted Wyatt Steven Crow in 2007 and his brother, Levi, in 2010.

Mary Louise Parker single parent
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Mary-Louise Parker was seven-months pregnant when she and boyfriend, Billy Crudup, separated, so she faced the last few months of pregnancy alone, giving birth to William in 2004. The Weeds actress must have enjoyed being a single mom because she adopted daughter, Caroline Aberash, nicknamed Ash, in 2007.

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Kristin Davis single parent
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It's life imitating art for Kristin Davis — well, sort of. Like her Sex in the City counterpart, Kristin adopted a baby, but unlike in the hit television series, she did it sans partner. Kristin adopted her adorable daughter, Gemma Rose, in 2011, and they live together in Los Angeles.

Charlize Theron single parent
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With an awesome career under her belt at 36 years old, Charlize Theron decided it was time for the next most important role in her life: mom. Charlize adopted her baby boy, Jackson, in 2011. 

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Who is the strongest single parent you know? 

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7 Celebrity Moms Who Parent Solo

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