6 Ways to Make Back-to-School Shopping Easier During Pregnancy

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My due date falls precisely one week before school starts, which, for this pregnant mama, means only one thing:

I am all about making the back-to-school transition as EASY as possible.

Here are some ways I'm beating the back-to-school rush.

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Start early

You should have received your back-to-school shopping list by now, and if you haven't, check out the school's website or call up for some recommendations for basic supplies because you can start shopping now to save yourself some aggravation later during your pregnancy. Stash the supplies away where you don't have to think about them until September, but shopping now can help you beat the crowds and let you put your feet up when it really matters.

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Buy the big stuff online

I've actually done this already this year, and let me tell you what–it feels amazing to have checked this off of my list. I ordered my daughter's entire school wardrobe (luckily, they wear uniforms, so that made it easy) and the basic “bigger” supply items like:

  • Socks
  • Tights
  • Coat
  • Backpack (Frozen, what else?)
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch box

And done. The smaller items–like pencils, crayons, and paper supplies–are much easier to pick up later in person, although you can actually order it all online if you want to make your life really easy. Look online at Staples.com or another supply website.

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Ask a teacher

Instead of buying up every single item on the back-to-school supply list, don't be afraid to ask the teacher directly for what he or she really needs. A lot of the items they may be in true desperate need of (like pencils) while some of the other supplies–like toilet paper rolls–may come in overloads year after year. It also can come in handy if you have a teacher-friend or a teacher in the family to ask their recommendations for some great places to buy school supplies. My mom is a teacher and often knows where to score the best and cheapest school supplies year after year.

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Buddy up

Make back-to-school shopping a little bit easier by buddying up with another mother. Maybe you'll buy two of the disinfecting wipes if she covers the Kleenex, for example. You can both save time by halving your lists and focusing on the more “fun” items that get your kids excited about back to school. Yay for sparkly folders!

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Cash in

OK, if you get to the point where you simply can't handle all the supply shopping, just make like Elsa and let it go. Get the basics you need for your kids and then simply offer the teacher or school a gift card or monetary donation if you'd like to contribute to the classroom supply closet. Easy and done!

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Does your son really need new tennis shoes right at the beginning of the school year? What about all those folders laying around the house? Pencils, pens? Do a quick inventory of what you already have at home, and you may be surprised by how much you actually don't need to buy.

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Do you have any tips for back-to-school shopping during pregnancy?

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6 Ways to Make Back-to-School Shopping Easier During Pregnancy

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