6 TV Shows to Watch While Your Newborn Keeps You Awake

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When you bring your new baby home, you may be shocked at just how messed up their sleep can be. Sometimes they'll only sleep when you're holding them, sometimes they want to eat all night long, and sometimes they have no pattern resembling any healthy sleep whatsoever.

That's the life of a new baby. They don't care if it's when you're “supposed” to be sleeping or not, and so you're up a lot, feeding, holding, rocking, and caring for your baby. For me, the most challenging thing was when they were cluster feeding, latching, or breastfeeding at three in the morning. It was hard to stay awake.

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So, I turned to television to help me out. I would choose a TV series on Netflix and would always have it playing when I was up with the baby. It gave me something to focus on when I wasn't able to sleep, and in choosing the right shows, I really did want to see the next episode.

If you're gearing up to being up all night with a baby or you're already in the thick of it, here are six television shows that kept me awake and may just help you, too.

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This show has everything you need to help keep you entertained while you're up at crazy hours through the night. There are real families dealing with real family issues with a touch of humor and practical advice woven throughout. You can't help but identify with this large family through their experience with marriage, illness, children, and more.

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Brothers and Sisters

This show is about four siblings who all lead their own lives, but show just how much support you can have through your family. They're smart, driven, drama filled, but so real as well. The hour-long show will fly by, which is why you'll love that all the seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

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Gilmore Girls

If you're able to keep up with their fast talking, this mother-daughter duo will have you rooting for them in no time. From the small-town charm to big-time dreams, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore are easy to love. This is the perfect show to watch while you're nursing your baby because it's quiet and won't startle your nursling.

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Food shows are my jam, and this one is perfect for those late nights. You'll learn some new tricks as the contestants work to become the next Chopped champion, and discovering new foods and weird ways to cook them is always fun. This show won't gross you out like some other cooking shows, which gives it bonus watching points.

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All the seasons, yes all 10 seasons, are available to stream on Netflix, and if you watched this series when it was airing, you will have so much fun re-watching them all. From “We were on a break” to “How you doin'?” all the fun catch phrases will help you keep your cool as you try to settle your wide awake baby for the second hour in a row.

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19 Kids and Counting

OK, so this may seem like an odd choice, but it was one of the first shows I started watching on Netflix when I was up with my nursing baby. Why? Because it gave me hope that everything would work out — even when I was stressing out. The Duggars have a way of making caring for 19 children look so effortless, and even if you don't agree with their beliefs, it's a good watch.

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What is your favorite TV show to stream when you're awake in the early morning, thanks to your baby? Share in the comments!

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6 TV Shows to Watch While Your Newborn Keeps You Awake

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