6 Tips For Summer Pregnancies

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After I gave birth to my son during the first week of July during one of the hottest summers on record, I vowed only one thing:

That I would never, ever be pregnant in the summer again.


So can you guess who is currently due to give birth to her fourth child at the end of August?

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Yup, that would be the one who is regretting any pregnant vow she ever made because someone sure showed me. And because I have no choice but to waddle on, I am keeping myself positive for what lies ahead for me during this summer pregnancy. Here are a few tips I learned from doing this all before …

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All the watermelon you can eat.

Need I say more?

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Pools are your friends.

There's really no way around this one, because there's nothing quite like the freeing, floating feeling of a pregnant woman in a swimming pool. I lived in a swimming pool during my last summer pregnancy, and although I sported some serious tan lines when I finally went in to give birth, it was all totally worth it. Try the pool for those moments when you need to (literally) take some weight off.

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Deodorant isn't just for your underarms.

This isn't one of those cheesy pregnancy tips that go along the lines of “Count your blessings!” This is about the nitty-gritty of summer pregnancy, and that includes sweaty thighs, my friends. Maxi dresses and skirts are cute and comfy, in theory, but if you happen to have thighs that, you know, actually touch each other, sweat and chafing are not your friends. So try this tip: apply your deodorant to your thighs to prevent sweat and rock that bump in a maxi dress without worry.

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Focus on the positives.

OK, so here's where I will get a little cheesy, but it's true: There are positives to having a summer pregnancy. For one, you have next year's beach visits to look forward to with your little one, instead of trying to schlep a newborn to the beach. Newborns + sand don't mix. Secondly, giving birth near the end of summer means that fall, with its comfort of cozy sweaters, forgiving scarves, and always-flattering boots, can help you hide the lumps and bumps of your postpartum body a little better than a summer wardrobe.


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Blast that A/C.

Forget about the bills this summer; consider it an investment in yourself, momma, and use that A/C with shameless abandon. And if you'll need me, I'll be relaxing in front of the fan, thank you very much.

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Buy yourself a summer maternity nightgown.

Don't ask me why, but for some reason, during my last summer pregnancy, I suffered through many a sweaty and sleepless night in my husband's t-shirt, but this time around, I got smart and ordered a pretty maternity nightgown. It was ridiculously expensive for something I will only wear sleeping, but those hot summer nights will make it so worth it.

Have you suffered through a summer pregnancy before? Share your best tips in the comments!

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6 Tips For Summer Pregnancies

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  1. Megan says:

    i actually love being pregnant in summer. well, early pregnancy, that is. the reason is the food! the best fruits are in season, salads are great because i don’t have to cook and make the house super hot, and big bbq parties are a great place to announce the pregnancy! around the time that i’m due the weather has become cold and my “natural heating system” that is my baby keeps me pretty toasty without the need to bulk up with sweaters and coats. while i will admit that my body isn’t exactly bikini awesome in the late summer, i find that lightweight, flowy summer dresses and swimsuit cover-ups mask the early stages of squishy before it’s obvious that i’m just pregnant. and after getting oh-so-lovely stretch marks from my first baby, i feel like i earned this body, so i’m not ashamed to show a bit of the evidence of my hard work. no matter what, summer is awesome and there’s almost nothing that can stop me from enjoying it.

  2. Aliya says:

    my first was born 6/17 so i didnt get the “joys” of being pregnant through the summer. But baby number 3 my first girl is not due until August 29th. I basically stay in since its been 90+ everyday since the end of May. When i go out it wit copious amounts of water and directly to another air conditioned place. Though I did waddle to the apt. complex mail room yesterday. What used to be a 5 min walk round trip took me 17 mins with a pounding headache! I just cant do the heat. Also my Maxi dresses look like minis thanks to my lovely bump in the front lol

  3. Jennifer says:

    Well my 1st baby was born June 1st(16yrs), so I was safe. Baby #2 was born July 14th(11yrs), that was nice not one complaint, baby #3 was born in November 20th(10yrs), which was nice minus the cold. Baby #4 was born August 8th(7yrs), I spent everyday in the pool. Baby #5 was born October 7th(8 months), worse summer ever, lots of swimming & major ac. Now I’m pregnant with baby #6, due September 7th & I she’s everyday that I’m not working swimming at the lake or pool, not doing many activities outdoors due to all the rain were getting this summer, but hey I’m not complaining, lol.
    -ps, tying my tubes. 3 boys & soon 3 girls, I’m complete

  4. Hajer says:

    I’m due in August so I’m living the last weeks of this pregnancy in heat as well! I am sporting maxi dresses but didn’t know about the deorderant. To avoid chaffing, I wear cotton leggings underneath that I cut right at the knees. I found some on sale at various places for really cheap and got the large sizes. That saves my things every time! But I will def try the deorderant! Thanks!

  5. Sarah says:

    My son was born this past September and it was STILL 97 outside!! The pool was my friend as I could lay on my tummy in a certain raft which was welcome. Instead of a maternity nightgown I invested in maternity tanks from the gap (they don’t look like maternity tanks so they are great even after baby ) and I slept in athletic shorts and my maternity tank!!

  6. Rhonda says:

    I was due in early June for my last pregnancy so I felt like I beat the heat. But then I had to schlep around my newborn twins throughout the heat of summer. This pregnancy I will be pregnant through summer and give birth thanksgiving week so I’m looking foreword to bundling up and cuddling up with my newborn this time around!


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