6 Royally Inspired Names for Your Prince or Princess

royally inspired names
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There is no shortage of adorable photos of the royal tots, Prince George and Princess Kate. Obviously Kate and William stuck with tradition and opted for traditional names for their little ones. But there are many royally-inspired options. 

Get inspired for your own prince or princess with these 6 names inspired by royalty.

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This sweet name is literally fit for royalty. The meaning is “of nobility”, and it has been the name of other princesses in the past, including Queen Victoria's daughter, and Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Although the name first was used in the 12th century, it became popular during in 1865 when Alice in Wonderland was published.

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Albert is derived from Adalbert, a German name that means “noble and bright.” The name was first common among German royalty, then was introduced to England. It became rare in the 17th century, but became popular again after the birth of Prince Albert, who went on to marry Queen Victoria.

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Mary means “wished-for child,” which is certainly the case for the new royal baby. It's also the name of several well-known British royalty, including Mary, Queen of Scots, and Mary I, and Mary Tudor.

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Richard, a common name in England, has a German origin meaning “brave power”. Richard was the name of one of the most famous Kings in English history, Richard I or Richard the Lionheart, who led the crusades in the 12th century.

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Although Diana wasn't the name of a queen, it was the name of one of the most beloved Royals in recent history — Princess Diana, mother of William and Henry! The name means “luminous and perfect” — fitting for a royal baby — and would be a great memorial for the late Princess of Wales. It's also a beautiful name for your own little princess.

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James was the early favorite for odds-makers in England, with 6-1 odds that the royal couple would choose that name for their second baby if it was a boy. James is a common name in British royalty, including the King James VI, who commissioned the English translation of the bible for the Church of England.

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Which of these royal names are your favorites?

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6 Royally Inspired Names for Your Prince or Princess

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