6 Reasons All Pregnant Women Should Be Reading Blogs

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Pregnancy is a time in life when you feel like you have super powers, no energy, and lots of questions all at the same time. It's a magical experience that sometimes feels less like magic and more like confusion.

Having your doctor or your best friend on call day and night is not always possible, and that's why writing down your experiences and sharing them can be so helpful. Not only do you have information to look back on if you find yourself in the same pregnancy situation again, but sharing your experiences on a blog can help others, too.

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If you're pregnant and you're not reading blogs regularly, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should start reading more blogs now. 

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You can commiserate

Misery loves company, right? Now, not all things about pregnancy are miserable, but there are moments when it's just not that fun. Books and movies share the happy in pregnancy, but blogs are not afraid to share the nitty gritty. Reading blogs while you're dealing with the hemorrhoids that just won't go away or the difficulties you have just rolling over in bed and finding out you're not alone is priceless.

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You can get a peek into what's to come

When I was pregnant, I would tend to just live in the moment and not really look ahead. I would ask my mom during my first pregnancy what the next month was going to feel like, and much like I forget a lot about my first pregnancy, it had been 20+ years since my mom had been pregnant, so she didn't really remember. Reading blogs while I was pregnant allowed me to read up on those experiences that I was looking forward to (well, not looking forward to) before I was in the situation and knew what was about to come

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You have a chance to actually stay on budget

There are baby things for everything under the sun, and if you're expecting your first child, figuring out what you really need vs. what you don't really need can be difficult. Reading blogs while you're pregnant can help you narrow down what products will actually be helpful and which products will probably be a waste of your money

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You'll receive some much needed laughter

You need a good sense of humor when you're pregnant because it's not always pretty or easy, but it can be funny. I loved reading blogs that took the humor and put it right where and when I needed to laugh while I was pregnant and the postpartum period after. They helped me keep things that I was struggling with a little more lighthearted, and I needed that. 

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You can read BTDT tips that really work

If you've got bad heartburn or maybe are still suffering from morning sickness, reading blogs can help you find tips from been-there-done-that (BTDT) women on what really works. Yes, “expert” medical advice can be really helpful and important, but sometimes, reading advice from women who have lived through it and found something that works can make a world of difference. It can help cut down the time you waste until finding a useful trick that works for you. 

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Blogs can answer your questions

If you're planning a trip and you've been given the medical OK from your doctor, but you wonder if it's actually going to work with that belly or your weird symptoms, blogs will tell you. If you want to know if that name you're planning for your baby is a good idea or not, blogs will tell you. If you want to know what gift to ask for or how to plan a shower, that's where blogs come in again. Reading blogs during your pregnancy will allow you to have those non-medical questions answered without having to call up your girlfriend at 2:00 in the morning.

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What's your biggest reason for reading blogs during pregnancy? 

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6 Reasons All Pregnant Women Should Be Reading Blogs

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