6 of the Best Unique Personalized Gifts for Babies, Kids, and Families

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Don't get me wrong, gift cards and diapers have a solid place in the gift-giving world. But sometimes you want to really make a gift special, and find a totally unique and breathtaking way to celebrate someone.

Finding the perfect, personalized gift can be a challenge. While it's often fun to shop around for that special something, it helps to have a place to start. These items are perfect for new babies, new parents, first birthdays, or more. So for those special people that you are looking to celebrate, check out this list of gift ideas for some inspiration.

Image via Sara McTigue

Who doesn't love pictures? AwesomeBox is one of those gifts that would be appropriate for any occasion. Celebrating a first birthday? Imagine snapshots from the year, accompanied by precious memories and stories on the back of each photo. Or celebrating a mama-to-be with images from her own childhood, plus advice and loving messages from those who support her in her new adventures as a mother. The possibilities are endless, and it makes for a completely custom, cry-worthy gift. The presentation and customer service are super top notch and inviting others to contribute to this as a group gift couldn't be simpler.

AwesomeBox was kind enough to let me check out their product for free for Father's Day this year and it ranks as one of my favorite ever gifts. The kids and I had a great time choosing special pictures together and writing messages. It made for a one-of-a-kind item that our entire family enjoyed.

They've also been awesome enough to pass along this code for our members, which you can use to get $15 off. Valid May 15 through Aug 31, 2016. Just type in AWESOMESUMMER when ordering!


Image via Etsy/ LoveyDoveyKids

Whether you're celebrating a brand new arrival or an older child, these personalized blankets from LoveyDoveyKids are a perfect choice. My children have always loved anything that features their name, especially in those early years where they are starting to recognize and relate to the letters describing themselves. I love this flower print, but there are also other options available including anchors, whales, mermaids, and monograms. Check them out here.

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Image via Lost My Name

You've probably seen the personalized books from Lost My Name before. The uniquely personalized original stories have sold over 750,00 copies, and for good reason.


They've just added a new title to the mix, The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home, which follows a child – who looks much like the gift recipient – finding his or her way back home from outer space. As the journey approaches home, with the help of NASA's open source photography of outer space, images will show the child's home county, state, city, and neighborhood. You can see more in their video here.

This is a beautifully made and illustrated book which can also include a personalized message to the recipient to let them know just how special they are to you.


Image via Etsy/ Cromanticamente

These precious family dolls made by Cromanticamente would make a gorgeous addition to any nursery or bedroom (or living room or wherever)! The family is custom made to your specifications. Then your very own cute little family can swing away on a cloud as your little one drifts off to dreamtime. How cute is that?

While this isn't an inexpensive gift, it's one that is an incredibly special piece of art and will last for a lifetime.

Image via Uncommon Goods

You don't need to be a Targaryen or a Lannister to celebrate your house sigil. This child-themed coat of arms exclusive to Uncommon Goods includes birth stats, astrological sign, parents, and place of birth.

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I'll freely admit that while I'm pretty good at documenting our life with photos, I'm not that great at printing them out. And while I can certainly hand over the hard drive to my kids when they want to see their childhoods, it doesn't really make for simple and frequent viewing. I know that the best way to enjoy those family photos is to print them out. And I've finally found a service that makes it simple enough that I've been sticking with it: Recently.

The app installs on your phone and sends you alerts a few days before the end of each month. You can go into the app at any time to see the photos (you can set it up to pull from a designated album on your phone, or just from your camera roll). You can then select the images (either 50 or 100) from the month that you'd like to include. Upload when you're done and in just a while you'll have a spectacular mail day when your personalized, custom magazine arrives featuring all your favorite pictures from the last month.


My kids LOVE looking through each month when it arrives, talking about the fun things we've done and the funny pictures we've taken. There is also room on the pages to make notes or journal, if that is your thing. The spine includes the date, so you will always know when it all happened. And it's so simple that even I – who struggle with keeping up with life in general – have done it for 6 months straight with no plans to stop.

You can gift someone you love a year's worth of magazines, but I also suggest that you go ahead and give yourself this gift, too.

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6 of the Best Unique Personalized Gifts for Babies, Kids, and Families

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