6 Incredible Super Abilities Only Moms Develop

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There are a lot of things that motherhood has done for me: given me that infamous “motherhood apron” that people talk about and I naively ignored, forever ruined my ability to eat bacon and turkey wraps after I barfed one up especially violently, and not least of all, provided four incredible human beings I count myself lucky to even know.

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But motherhood has also come with a few unexpected perks of the job, giving me the opportunity to get incredibly good at a few special skills, like …

wet wipes
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Give me 20 minutes, a pack of wet wipes, and occupied children, and I can work miracles, people.


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Motherhood is not always pretty, you guys. And it's a cliche for a reason, because no matter how stealthily I try to sneak away to the bathroom for 0.2 seconds, they will always find me.

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Along with the ability to sense any tantrum before it happens. Now, who wants to eat the zebra??

not break a sweat
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Trust me. Weightlifters may have bigger muscles than me, but I can almost guarantee those muscles aren't put to good use on an everyday basis like a mom juggling a baby, a toddler, and having to deal with the laundry room not being on the main floor. Throw in a double stroller and you've got yourself a full-body workout.

super 2
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And yet, I can still become completely immobile and shut down every part of my body at 9 p.m. on any given night. Where are those reflexes then, huh?

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Thermometers are nice, especially those really fast across-the-forehead ones, but all you really need is a touch of the back of your hand on the forehead. And sometimes, not even that. 

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What superhuman ability has motherhood given you?

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6 Incredible Super Abilities Only Moms Develop

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