6 Great Ideas for Growing a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids!

6 Great Ideas for Growing a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids!
Image via respective bloggers, compiled by Sharon Rowley

Last year, when we moved into a new home, it came with an awesome outdoor vegetable garden, with raised beds and a tall fence around it to keep out the deer and rabbits. I couldn't wait to get started planting seeds with my kids, and we spent the entire summer harvesting our bounty of cucumbers, carrots, sugar snap peas, zucchini, tomatoes, and strawberries.

Recently, I spent a wonderful Saturday morning on Pinterest looking for some more great ideas for this year's vegetable garden, and here's what I found!

Image via What We Do All Day

Idea #1: How to Re-grow Vegetables from Scraps

Erica from What We Do All Day has experimented with re-growing all kinds of vegetables in a sunny window, just from scraps of what she has used in her kitchen. 

Check out her post to see how she has re-grown celery, scallions, and even sweet potatoes and avocados. This would be a great way to start new plants indoors before planting them into your vegetable garden!

Image via Happiness is Homemade

Idea #2: How to Create a Bean Tepee Frame

A great way to get kids excited about gardening is to create a super hideaway for them to play in — right inside of the garden! Heidi from Happiness is Homemade shows us how to build a Green Bean Tepee, and she didn't even have to dig a hole in the ground! She planted her beans right inside of clay pots so really anyone can do this, even if you live in an area with poor soil!

Image via Playful Learning

Idea #3: How To Create Wooden Crate Themed Gardens

You can still grow a vegetable garden with your kids, even if you have limited outdoor space. Just a patio that receives a decent amount of sunshine is all you need to grow a garden like these beautiful wood crate vegetable gardens by Playful Learning. They offer suggestions for several different kinds of garden themes, including a butterfly garden, a fairy garden, and even a pizza garden!

Image via Not JUST a Housewife

Idea #4: How to Create a Rainbow Garden

Wouldn't your kids LOVE to try purple french fries? How about rainbow carrots or purple tomatoes? Growing a rainbow garden is a great way to get kids excited about trying new vegetables! Stacy from Not JUST a Housewife grew a rainbow garden with her kids last year, and you have to check out the results!

Image via Garden Therapy

Idea #5: How to Create Stone Garden Markers

Last year, one of the problems we had in our own garden was that we kept losing the plant tags we had placed in each row at the beginning of the season. Either the kids pulled them out when we were weeding or they faded so we couldn't read them anymore.

I love this idea I found over at Garden Therapy for taking ordinary rocks and having the kids paint them to use as garden markers!

Image via A Childhood List

Idea #6: How to Create a Recycled-Bottle Watering Can

Kids love to help out, especially when it comes to watering the plants in the garden. But unless carefully supervised, my kids have a tendency to drown the poor seedlings with far too heavy of a stream from the hose.

So these watering cans made from recycled juice bottles are a brilliant idea (from A Childhood List) that I plan to use this year in my own garden!

Do you plan to plant a vegetable garden with your own kids this year? What tips do you have to share?

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6 Great Ideas for Growing a Vegetable Garden with Your Kids!

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