6 of the Craziest Labor Stories You’ve Ever Heard

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Labor and delivery is always unpredictable and in my mind, I think that's a good thing, because nothing prepares you better for the world of parenting than to have all of your carefully made birth plans and ideas for that picture-perfect birth fly out the window faster than you can say “the baby's coming NOW!”

These moms (and a few nurses) know a thing or two about crazy labor stories–and they're sharing them with us today.


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A Pick-Up Truck Baby

Kathryn Hulet, a mom of four, got the surprise of her life when she delivered her fourth baby in a rather unconventional manner–in her husband's pick-up truck on the way to the hospital!

She had been at a freezer-meal workshop at a friend's house when she felt what she described as a pop and a gush. “Now, at 39 weeks, a lot of things pop and gush, so I headed to the bathroom to debate whether this was really my water breaking,” Kat wrote on her friend's blog, where she shared her birth story.

Eventually, after calling her mother to come watch her other children and confirming that her water had broken, Kat and her husband, Tom, started to worry that she couldn't wait the hour for her mother to arrive and then drive another 45 minutes to the hospital. So they called a friend and 10 minutes later, were cruising to the hospital through some strong contractions.

And that's when things got real.

“I sat in the passenger seat with my eyes glued out the front window moaning LOUDLY,” Kat wrote.”I tried to find my internal voice to tell me to relax; I tried not to tense up with each contraction; I tried to take deep breaths. None of it was working.

“‘Do you want me to go to the closer hospital?' Tom asked.
“Really? Really? We were way past me thinking anything clearly, so I just shouted, ‘I don't know!' and Tom kept driving.
“I don't think I once stopped the moaning and groaning. Looking back, I think I was in denial that I was going into transition. I thought we could make it. Still making noise, husband still speeding, we're about to the freeway when things got crazy. The pain was intense. The urge to push hit as Tom asked if he should pull over.
“‘I DON'T KNOW!!!'
“Tom whipped in to the nearest gas station and called 911. Instinct took over as I did my best to prepare to give birth in the front seat of a pick up truck. I heard Tom shout to the operator, ‘No, I don't think the head is out yet!' as I shouted what I felt: ‘Head! Head!'
“And suddenly, there he was. My little baby boy, on the seat of his daddy's truck.
“Tom ripped off his shirt to swaddle our newest son and yanked out a shoelace to tie off the cord. I felt every emotion in the world tear through my body. I was shaking, crying, and so very thankful that it was night and there were no spectators. Mixed in with feelings of love and adoration, I felt guilt over the seat of the truck and that Tom had sacrificed one of his favorite shirts. The insanity of it all overwhelmed me as the ambulance showed up, the paramedics assessed us, and we finally made our way to the hospital. It was an incredibly fast birth, and I have no idea how long I pushed, but the midwife assured me that everything happened in the best way, given the circumstances. My son weighed in at 8lbs, 3ozs and after 24 hours in the hospital, we were given a clean bill of health and discharged. Oh yes, and a birth certificate with the local gas station listed as the place of birth.
“I couldn't sleep in the hospital. And I probably won't ever again. But that's what happened! I did not get my water birth or my essential oils with my dim lights and soft music. I had my baby in the car. Sort of makes me wonder about the next time. I just might stay home.”
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A Case of Mistaken Identity

“I was induced and the doctor checked me I was at a 5 dilated,” wrote one mom on the Everyday Family Facebook page. “An hour later I kept telling the staff the baby was coming out. I had to push and nobody listened to me . I was told that I wasn't dilated enough and that I was probably feeling a bowel movement . A few contractions later I felt a pop and out shot the baby on the table. Maybe next time people will listen to me when I'm telling them I have to push that the baby is coming and it's not sh*t.”

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A Very Polite Patient

“My water finished breaking on the bathroom floor of the hospital,” said one polite mother. “I thought it was rude to leave it so I grabbed paper towels and started cleaning it up. My nurse had to stop me, lol!”

I can actually relate to this, I did the same thing, but I happen to be a former OB nurse, so in my defense, it came as second nature to me!

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A Midnight Surprise

This was my second child. My wife was a couple of weeks before her due date […]” recalled one father. “[…] it was close to 12 am on a Sunday going to Monday. We called my wife's brother to come over and help look after my 2 year old daughter. As we rushed and grabbed the things to go to the hospital my wife says she cant go on any more. I was like ‘Come on, let's go, I got you.' As I put the stuff into the car she said, ‘I can't hold it much longer!' The whole neighborhood must have heard her screaming. The security guard came by and was like, ‘You need any help?' but he looked young and looked freaked out, too. Then I put my hand under there and felt nothing … then 3 secs later at felt like a basketball coming out! Lucky my hands and her pants caught my son. My wife's brother came out of our house with our bedroom blanket and I wrapped our baby in it. The ambulance came 10 mins later.”

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A Stirrup Surprise

This story comes from a labor and delivery nurse who isn't ashamed to admit her own embarrassing labor story: “I was pregnant myself and off balance anyways,” explains Liz Bennett Auger. “Well, I had a patient that delivered at 2 am and my exhausted, clumsy pregnant self went to pull the red bucket out from under the bed and I lost my balance and bumped my head on the patient who was still in stirrups and luckily covered with a blue towel, lol. Super embarrassing!!!”


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My very handsome hub was a bit of a wild guy in his single days and, to put it nicely, he knows a lot of ladies!” shared one mom. “I'm about to have our third baby and three nurses come in and all stand there staring at my hooha (just lovely) and one of them recognizes my husband and they catch up and make small talk and I was all like, ‘This is awkward as heck can you please get this lady you banged 10 years ago out of the room!!!' I didn't say quite that but I was without epidural and angry and not caring about anything at that point so I did say something like, ‘Wow that's awkward, who's this?' She ended up leaving the room to ‘go help with another patient'. Haha awful.”

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Do you have your own crazy labor story?

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6 of the Craziest Labor Stories You’ve Ever Heard

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