6 Combo Girl Names That Are Almost Too Pretty

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Trying to figure out what name you'll ultimately land on for your baby girl isn't easy. It can be even more stressful if you have two names that you and/or your partner really love and you're spending way too much time debating the two.

But, who says you have to pick only one name? Great baby name combos start with one name, and you can take it to the next level by adding in that second name you don't want to throw away just yet.

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Check out our list of six baby girl name combinations that lets you use two of your top names to create one that's almost too pretty.


A combination of Ariel and Bella, this name is fit for the princess who isn't afraid to take on the world and make it known she's here.

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Both Lucy and Ann are quite common names, and oftentimes they're family names that have been passed down from generations. If you're on the fence over both of them, they make the perfect combination name that is so pretty.


I love the uniqueness of this name and how pretty it sounds when you say it. It's one that's totally memorable and it's only as gorgeous as it is thanks to the combination.

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Blake and Leigh can both be gender neutral baby names, but for some reason, when you combine them you get the masculine power of the boy or girl names while sounding gorgeous and feminine, too.


If you like the name Brianne, but want a little bit of a twist – this is perfect. Brielle is a great combination of two names that takes it to the next level of pretty.

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I really have a thing for the old-fashioned names and Clarabeth strikes that chord for me. Taking the names Clare and Beth and adding them together really makes a name so pretty it's hard not to have it shoot right to the top of your baby name list.

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Did you give your daughter a combo name that's not on the list? Share it with us in the comments!


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6 Combo Girl Names That Are Almost Too Pretty

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