6 Celebrity Parenting Fails

celebrity parenting fails
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There's no rule book for parenting — no guidelines or user's manual for how to parent a child. We're all doing the best we can, but sometimes, fails happen — even when you're part of the rich and famous crowd! Here are 6 times when celebrity parenting made us cringe.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Prince William's Seat Belt Snafu

When Prince George was born in 2011, the world waited with baited breath for the first glimpse at the future King of England. Then, they collectively gasped when the title royal was strapped in to his car seat the wrong way. Price William carried Prince George to their car still swaddled, with only one strap over his little shoulder and the harness buckled around his abdomen instead of at armpit level. The horror!

Britney Spears from PR Photos
Image via PR Photos

Britney's Baby Blunder

Way back in 2006, Britney Spears was a new mom, trying to navigate marriage and caring for her new baby and … the paparazzi. In February of that year, Britney was under fire for driving with her then-4-month-old son, Sean Preston, in her lap instead of safely in a car seat in the back. She blamed the blunder on a quick getaway from a “horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi,” and said she would never intentionally put her child in harm's way. 

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Although there was photographic evidence, authorities decided not to pursue charges because an officer wasn't there to witness the mistake.

gwyneth paltrow
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Gwyneth's Vespa Debacle

Sometimes, celebrities maintain rules of the road and look out for others. Other times, celebrities are Gwyneth Paltrow and drive to the beat of their own vehicular rules.

Last year, Gwyneth almost caused an accident when she pulled out in front of a school bus while taking her daughter, Apple (who was riding on the back of the scooter), to school. It was then revealed that Gwyneth didn't have a California motorcycle driver's license to operate the Vespa. Although she passed the test, she ruined Vespa riding for the entire school: Vespas have been banned at the school.


Hugh Jackman from PR Photos
Image via PR Photos

Hugh's Helmet Haps

Encouraging the use of a helmet when your kids are riding bikes, scooters, or skateboards is one of the best ways to keep them safe in an unpredictable world. Of course, if you're actor Hugh Jackman, it isn't that big of a deal. 

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Hugh has been spotted out and about with his children, Oscar, 13, and Ava, 8, multiple times on scooters without a helmet. Sure, they are probably scooting slowly in a crowded NYC sidewalk, but that is no excuse for forgetting your protective headgear.

katie holmes and tom cruise
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Tom and Katie's Bottle Blunder

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made many questionable parenting choices with their daughter, Suri, but one of the most baffling was the decision to allow her to use a baby bottle until she was 4 years old. Suri was seen out several times with a baby bottle in mouth, happily sucking away.

Most pediatricians agree that the ability to drink from a straw or sippy comes at about 9 months old, but others, like Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and author of The Happiest Toddler on the Block, say that sucking on a bottle or pacifier is a normal behavior when kids are tired or bored. How can she be bored with a dad like Tom Cruise?

Michael Jackson
Image via Wikimedia Commons Drew H. Cohen

MJ's Baby Blunder

Back in a simpler time — before the Internet was available in the palm of your hand — Michael Jackson performed one of the biggest parenting fails in celebrity history. During a stay in Berlin, the late singer dangled his 9-month-old son, Prince, over the metal railing of his fourth-story balcony. Some fans cheered at the sight of his little one, some screamed in terror, afraid he would drop the child.

Michael later issued a statement that said, “I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.”

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Can you relate to any of these celebrity parenting fails?

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6 Celebrity Parenting Fails

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