6 Books About Pregnancy for Your Older Kids

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Pregnancy is such an awesome and unique experience. There is so much happening in a relatively short amount of time. Your body seems to know just what to do, and by the end of the process, you've got yourself a tiny human. Even for grown adults who walked into the situation with some sort of idea of what was going on, it can be mind-blowing. However, that's not really the case for our older children who watch the changes along with us but don't have as much understanding of what to expect.

When I was expecting my fourth child, I knew I would have curious minds wondering what was going on. They would have their own worries, fears, confusions, and wonders just as I did, but it would be much more confusing for them than me. Although it was my fourth child I was expecting, this was the first time my kids were old enough to understand that something was different. They would see that I was getting sick all the time, that I was more tired than usual (and cranky), and they would watch my midsection grow each month. There would be no hiding that their lives were about to change, and I wanted to help prepare them for that by gently approaching and responding to any of their fears, anxieties, and questions and framing the experience as a positive one.

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So I turned to books.

During my first pregnancy, I had so many questions. The experience was new to me, and finding answers to my questions, knowing what to expect, and getting that real-life information was incredibly helpful to me. When I found out I was expecting my fourth child, my husband and I hit up the bookstore before we told our kids so we could find some comforting information for them in book form. I was thrilled with the variety of books we found. We found books on everything you can imagine — from books that helped explain the process of pregnancy to books that explained birth in a way a child could understand.

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If you're looking for books that explain the process of pregnancy, birth, and/or being an older sibling for your older kids, here are some suggestions:

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Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller

This book is great for toddler-aged children; it covers many issues surrounding pregnancy, birth, and life as an older sibling. It talks about common worries that kids at this age might have like having to share toys. The book also touches on little ways their life may be different, like not being able to fit in mommy's lap during pregnancy. We read this book to our kids a few times during pregnancy, and it was a favorite of our youngest.
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Baby on the Way by Sears Children's Library

This book does a great job at explaining how mom may be feeling during her pregnancy, whether that be tired or hungry, and it explains it all in a way that younger kids can relate to. The illustrations are engaging and realistic, and it focuses on big positives like love and family.
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My Mom's Having a Baby by Dori Hillestad Butler

This book is told from the perspective of a big sister-to-be named Elizabeth, and she talks us through the little and big changes that are happening during her mom's pregnancy. It's a fun month-by-month look that touches on things kids may notice more, but it also faces head-on the question many kids ask: “How did the baby get into mommy's tummy?”
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It's Not the Stork! by Robie H. Harris

I loved this book from the moment I saw the title, and the content doesn't disappoint either. It was a great tool in helping to explain to all my kids (aged 4-7) the body parts involved and it tackled the “Where do babies come from?” question without being too graphic. I love the illustrations, as well as the quick facts, and it's a book my kids and I still read together.
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I'm a New Big Brother by Nora Gaydos


This sweet book is written from the perspective of the big brother after a new baby joins his family. It talks about the importance of the big brother role, as well as all the things a sibling can do with the little one when he or she arrives. It's honest in saying there's not much playing going to happen for the first little while, which was a very helpful piece of information for my kids to read during my pregnancy. If they've never seen a baby, kids may have a hard time understanding this concept, and it served them well when they all became older siblings.
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I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

As another book that is focused on what life is like when the newborn arrives, I'm a Big Sister touches on many topics that kids worry about, like how to play with the new baby and how to help their parents out when the new baby comes. I am a huge fan of the cute and colorful illustrations, and the simple language narrated from a little girl's perspective means that kids can get right into the story and lessons.
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The great thing about these books is that not only are they great to read to your kids during pregnancy, but I've found they're just as helpful when the new baby arrives as well. My kids are still very interested in reading them now that their brother is here, and I find they have a lot more questions to add now that they're watching him grow instead of watching my belly grow.

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:: What books did you find helpful to read with your kids during pregnancy? Share in the comments! ::

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6 Books About Pregnancy for Your Older Kids

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