50 Baby Names Climbing the Charts

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Every generation has those names that identify the time. In the 80s it was Jessica and Jennifer, Micheal and Christopher. In the 90s Ashley replaced Jennifer at the top. In the 2000s Jacob, Emily, and Madison took over the top spots. Once 2010 hit Jacob, Ethan, Isabella, and Sophia were the chart leaders.

It's hard to know for sure which names are going to be the next big thing, but these 50 names increased the most in popularity from 2013 to 2014. The fact is, in the end the name that you choose should be the name that you love; the name that you can see your child having for the rest of his or her life. There's nothing wrong with choosing a popular name, just as there is nothing wrong with choosing a name that stands out. But if you want to be sure that their name will fit in, or stand out, it's worth knowing which names are making their way up the charts.

Are any of your name picks one of these increasingly popular options? Which names do you think will make next year's list?

Boy: Bode

Rank in 2014: 783 Rank in 2013: 1428= an increase of 645

I love this boy name. I believe the increase in popularity is thanks to Olympic skier, Bode Miller? There could certainly be worse namesakes!

Girl: Aranza

Rank in 2014: 607 Rank in 2013: 4232 = an increase of 3625

As far as I can find, this is not a word in Spanish, even though it definitely sounds like one.

Boy: Axl

Rank in 2014: 850 Rank in 2013: 1474= an increase of 624

I'm not the biggest fan of this one, but if you love Guns N' Roses, be my guest!

Girl: Montserrat

Rank in 2014: 571 Rank in 2013: 1153 = an increase of 582

This falls into my personal rule of don't name your child after a place unless you've been there and loved it. If you've been to the British island territory or the monastery near Barcelona, Spain, and fell in love with either place, then great.

Boy: Gannon

Rank in 2014: 413 Rank in 2013: 839= an increase of 426

This one also made my names with the biggest increase in popularity list from 2012-13 post, but I'm still not the biggest fan.

Girl: Monserrat

Rank in 2014: 591 Rank in 2013: 1162 = an increase of 571

I guess this is just a misspelling? Love those! (note sarcasm)

Boy: Bodie

Rank in 2014: 981 Rank in 2013: 1314= an increase of 333

If your inspiration was Bode Miller, I'd say you should spell it as expexcted. Otherwise, march on.


Girl: Maisie

Rank in 2014: 658 Rank in 2013: 1120 = an increase of 462

This is a cute name, but I'm not sure I like it for an adult, which is an important consideration in my book. I assume the rise in popularity is due to Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones?

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Boy: Royal

Rank in 2014: 573 Rank in 2013: 900= an increase of 327

Seriously? That's all I've got …

Girl: Zendaya

Rank in 2014: 892 Rank in 2013: 1312 = an increase of 420

It looks like this one is inspired by the actress/singer/dancer. Should I not admit I've never heard of her?

Boy: Coen

Rank in 2014: 898 Rank in 2013: 1188 = an increase of 290 Wikipedia

I always thought this one was spelled ‘Cohen', but the Coen brother's surname is not spelled that way, so I guess either is appropriate? Either way, it's a nice sounding, strong name!

Girl: Karter

Rank in 2014: 968 Rank in 2013: 1383 = an increase of 415

This is traditionally a boy's name, and I think I like it better for a boy than a girl? I've also only seen it spelled with a ‘C', which I prefer as well.

Boy: Anakin

Rank in 2014: 957 Rank in 2013: 1238 = an increase of 281

I'm surprised my husband didn't pitch this one for our baby boy! Since these films have been around a while, I guess the sudden rise in popularity is because of the new movie Disney is creating?

Girl: Ariadne

Rank in 2014: 801 Rank in 2013: 1212 = an increase of 411

This name sounds pretty, but I feel as though people will stumble to pronounce it, leading to lots of corrections.

Boy: Killian

Rank in 2014: 516 Rank in 2013: 766 = an increase of 250

This is a very cute Irish name. Maybe the recent surge in popularity is due to Killian “Hook” Jones from the popular TV show, Once Upon a Time?

Girl: Daleyza

Rank in 2014: 227 Rank in 2013: 585 = an increase of 358

This one is cute and spunky!

Boy: Reyansh

Rank in 2014: 995 Rank in 2013: 1221 = an increase of 226

A name of Hindu origin with a nice meaning, ‘ray of light'.

Girl: Thea

Rank in 2014: 776 Rank in 2013: 1134 = an increase of 358

The name meaning is interesting … The Titan of sight and the shining light of the clear blue sky.

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Image via Wikipedia

Boy: Ronin

Rank in 2014: 554 Rank in 2013: 773 = an increase of 219

I don't even love putting this one out there as it's on my husband's and my list for baby #2. Shhh!

Girl: Remington

Rank in 2014: 685 Rank in 2013: 1036 = an increase of 351

More masculine sounding to me than feminine, not sure I like it for a little girl but I think it's cute for a boy. You could call him ‘Remy' for short!

Boy: Langston

Rank in 2014: 748 Rank in 2013: 964 = an increase of 216

A nod to Langston Hughes? I do like it, but I'm not sure on a nickname and my husband would have to have one of those to use.

Girl: Jessa

Rank in 2014: 849 Rank in 2013: 1174 = an increase of 325

Isn't this the name of one of those Duggars?

Boy: Finnley

Rank in 2014: 852 Rank in 2013: 1059 = an increase of 207

I know a little girl named Finley so I guess it seems a little more feminine to me. I like the nicknames though – ‘Finn' or ‘Ley'. Cute!

Girl: Freya

Rank in 2014: 584 Rank in 2013: 906 = an increase of 322

I love this name – it's so pretty!

Boy: Henrik

Rank in 2014: 863 Rank in 2013: 1066 = an increase of 203

This one is interesting; and German. I think I like it! And Henry is a very cute nickname, although it's pretty popular on its own!

Girl: Henley

Rank in 2014: 584 Rank in 2013: 906 = an increase of 322

Image via Wikipedia

Boy: Hendrix

Rank in 2014: 546 Rank in 2013: 745 = an increase of 199

You have to be a big fan of the musician to use this one, right?

Girl: Frida

Rank in 2014: 944 Rank in 2013: 1224 = an increase of 280

Love it! I suppose following my own “rule” mentioned above you'd have to really like Frida Kahlo to use this one? 😉

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Boy: Dash


Rank in 2014: 951 Rank in 2013: 1150 = an increase of 199

Really – as in the punctuation? I could maybe see it for a pet?

Girl: Amia

Rank in 2014: 275 Rank in 2013: 709 = an increase of 984

The name is French and the meaning is, ‘beloved'. Lovely!

Boy: Clyde

Rank in 2014: 804 Rank in 2013: 996 = an increase of 192

Reminds me of a Western, but it's cute!

Girl: Paislee

Rank in 2014: 626 Rank in 2013: 354 = an increase of 272

I know; everyone commenting on my last 50 of the Fastest Rising Baby Names post seemed to dislike the fact that I'm not a fan of misspelt names, but my opinion remains unchanged! I'd like this better if it were spelled, ‘Paisley', like the pattern it's named after.

Boy: Bodhi

Rank in 2014: 615 Rank in 2013: 807 = an increase of 192

When I first heard of this name this was the spelling used, not as in Bode Miller. I actually think I like this spelling more! This spelling is Sanskrit for ‘awakening, enlightenment'.

Girl: Khaleesi

Rank in 2014: 755 Rank in 2013: 1020 = an increase of 265

I'm a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire AKA Game of Thrones, but not enough of a fan of this name (technically, title) to use it for my baby name.

toddler with messy hair
Image via iStock

Boy: Rowen

Rank in 2014: 787 Rank in 2013: 976 = an increase of 189

This is a good one! Although according to the baby name sites it's a female name spelled, ‘Rowan', and is Scottish and Irish in origin, meaning ‘little redhead'. I'm with the Scottish/Irish on this one!

Girl: Ayva

Rank in 2014: 950 Rank in 2013: 1213 = an increase of 263

I like what Nameberry has to say about the spelling, “Ayva is a new entry in the popular Ava and Eva cluster. Its only advantage over the original is that it clarifies pronunciation … but that's not much of a problem if you simply spell it Ava.”

Boy: Boden

Rank in 2014: 992 Rank in 2013: 1177 = an increase of 185

This is my first time seeing this one, and I think I like it! It's an English or German surname meaning, ‘hill shaped like a bow'.

Girl: Anniston

Rank in 2014: 905 Rank in 2013: 1161 = an increase of 256

Is this the new ‘Addison'? All I can think of when reading it is Jennifer Aniston, which makes me want to watch some Friends!

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Boy: Legend

Rank in 2014: 534 Rank in 2013: 719 = an increase of 185

I guess this would give your son something to aspire to all his life?

Girl: Holland

Rank in 2014: 891 Rank in 2013: 1146 = an increase of 255

This one falls under my own personal rule, again … If you haven't been there, don't name your child after the place.

Boy: Vivaan

Rank in 2014: 939 Rank in 2013: 1119 = an increase of 180

This is name of Indian origin on the rise in popularity.

Girl: Rosalyn

Rank in 2014: 985 Rank in 2013: 1231 = an increase of 246


Boy: Dariel

Rank in 2014: 846 Rank in 2013: 1018 = an increase of 172

Is this pronounced like, ‘Da Real'?

Girl: Naya

Rank in 2014: 778 Rank in 2013: 1021 = an increase of 243

Pretty! I actually have a friend with this name, which her mother gave her because of a Bob Marley song.

Boy: Maddux

Rank in 2014: 988 Rank in 2013: 1158 = an increase of 170

I don't like this spelling, but I'm probably the only one. 😉

Girl: Elsa

Rank in 2014: 286 Rank in 2013: 528 = an increase of 242

This may be taking the Frozen craze a little too far …

Image via Flickr/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Boy: Apollo R

ank in 2014: 801 Rank in 2013: 970 = an increase of 169

With this name, he can boldly go where no baby has gone before …

Girl: Nova

Rank in 2014: 287 Rank in 2013: 529 = an increase of 242

Two space-inspired names in a row; what are the chances? I have a feeling my sweet geek of a husband would like this one!

Boy: Ford

Rank in 2014: 883 Rank in 2013: 1051 = an increase of 168

I do like this one, but don't think I would ever use it due to the car brand.

Girl: Lennon

Rank in 2014: 699 Rank in 2013: 927 = an increase of 228

Cute, but I'm not Beatles enough.

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Would you choose to name your baby any of these increasingly popular names? Which do you most dislike?

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50 Baby Names Climbing the Charts

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