5 Ways to Repurpose All Those Baby Blankets

baby blankets
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When my daughter was born, I got baby blankets galore! Everyone was so generous! I had beautiful receiving blankets, knit blankets, homemade quilts. Basically, I had one baby and probably 50 blankets. They were all soft and cozy and took up a ton of space.

Once she got a little bigger, most of them were too small, but they held sentimental value, and I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of them!

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So what do you do with them? Here are 5 super cute ways to re-purpose baby blankets in practical and sentimental ways.

1. Make them into a quilt for her big-girl bed!

I was totally inspired when I saw this. I loved how perfectly unmatched it was. Not uniform squares, no perfect co-ordination, yet SUPER cute! It felt like something I could totally tackle.

This could be really versatile in a room that needs to bring together a few different colors. I also loved that she wouldn't have to lose her favorite blankies because she'd still have them, and they'd just be part of a bigger blankie!

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2. Make some simple skirts for her to wear.

I loved the way this one looked and thought she'd have just as much fun playing with all the layers! This is a super cute and super fun way to keep the sentiment from each blanket, but make it totally useful and functional!

Image via Flickr/ imarcc

3. Make a baby blanket teddy bear.

OH. MY. WORD. How cute is this guy!? And while I may end up having to special order myself one of these from Etsy because my sewing skills are just not there, I'm sure some of you super-sewing divas would have no trouble with this.

A few eyes, a nose, and some teddy stuffing later, you've got a new favorite stuffed animal lovie for sure!

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4. Make a fabric banner with their name for their room

I love these adorable fabric banners! I made one for my sister's baby shower, and I've been craving one for my little guy's room ever since.

How cute would it look made from his baby blankets, with his name ironed on the flags, hanging from a floating shelf? I may just have to get on that project!

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5. Make a bed for your fur baby

OK, admittedly, I do not have a four-legged member of the family at the moment, but if my husband has any say in that decision, we will in no time. I might be swayed if we can get them hooked up with a bed as cute as this one!

What an awesome way to repurpose some old blankets! You know that dog is going to want to lie all over your blankets anyway, right? The person who thought of this was a genius!

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What other clever ways have you re-purposed old baby things? I love making old things feel new again! Any up-cycling going on in your neck of the woods? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Ways to Repurpose All Those Baby Blankets

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  1. Profile photo of Aungelique Aungelique says:

    Another good idea would be to make a pillow or a pillow case with a couple of them. And for anyine that likes to save some shirts that have you favorite saying or the ones that have sentimental value you could make a quilt out of them, or make pillow shirts as for the baby clothes you can make little stuffed animals out of them! 😉

  2. Profile photo of Haylie Haylie says:

    Why not do better and donate them to a local Children’s hospital to give to sick newborns. Or find less fortuate families that could benefit from your generosity.making something is nice and memorable for a few items, but helping others is better!

  3. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Cool. Too bad, i don’t have the sewing skills!


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