5 Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

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Spring is in the air, the end of my pregnancy is looming (OK, not really, but I can dream), and nesting is kicking in, which can only mean one thing — it's time to organize those baby clothes.

I have so many baby clothes, it's not even funny.

Not only have I kept everything from all three pregnancies (this is my fourth), but family and friends know that I'm the one to send the hand-me-downs to. I have no shame, and the way my kids play outside, I don't have to feel guilty about new clothes getting ruined.

But with new clothes and hand-me-downs, four little kids, and a relatively small house comes the need for organization. Here are some of the tips I've used over the years!

Use what you have

The first rule of dressing a newborn is to always, always keep a change of clothes easily accessible. When I first became a mother, I was in shock about how much laundry a tiny little human could produce. I learned quickly to keep a stash of easy-to-access and easy-to-change clothes on hand.

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If you have a bassinet, stash a wicker basket with onesies nearby, or if you have a playpen, throw a few outfits in the bottom compartment. A hanging diaper bag also works well for quick outfit changes!

Try your hand at closet shelves

Know what's difficult to do when you're always holding a baby in one hand? Trying to fuss with opening and closing stubborn drawers and then digging through to find the outfit you want. Not only that, but because our dresser has really heavy drawers, I was in constant fear of the dresser falling over on my baby. So I had my husband build some shelves in the middle of the closet, providing easy access and quick organization (pants on one shelf, shirts on another) that I could grab, even with one hand.

Double up

The unfortunate thing about dressing a newborn is that although they are adorable, they grow so quickly that it can be difficult to use all of those newborn clothes before the baby is too big. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to finally put the baby in that adorable new outfit that Grandma sent over only to realize oh, no, the baby is too big!

So what helps me is hanging the baby clothes that I want to be sure that he or she wears in plain view in the closet, not stuffed away and hidden in some drawer. I wanted to be able to organize the clothes by size and season, so my husband installed double clothes rods in the closet for me to instantly add more storage place.

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And bonus? Once the baby grows into a full-fledged toddler who wants to try her hand at dressing herself, the second closet rod is perfectly positioned for her height!

Plastic tubs are your friends

My #1 piece of baby organization clothes storage? Buy up about 100 of these plastic tubs. And then buy a few more. OK, so you might not really need 100, but they are incredibly handy. Not only can you store clothes in them for later use, but I always keep two storage tubs in my baby's closet: One for clothes that they are growing out of and one of the next size up so I can quickly transition baby into the next size or season. And on a side note, make sure you shop out of season to save some cash!

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Organize socks with a mesh laundry bag

If you ever want to see your baby's socks again, you might want to invest in a few mesh laundry bags. Not only could you use them for storage but washing the socks in the mesh bag will prevent them from getting lost forever.

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Tell us what your best baby clothes organization tips are in the comments!

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5 Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Baskets from the craft stores are the cheapest and you can buy basket covers. That’s my key to success for organizing hats, bibs, socks, rags, diapers, toys, cleaning items larger ones you can put shorts, shoes, and odd shirts like tank tops

  2. Tabitha says:

    I would just really like to know…Where DO the socks go? I refuse to believe they just disappear.

    • Jennifer says:

      I have found my babies socks under the agitator try and stuck your finger under there of course when it’s empty and off you will be in shock what you will find I never knew stuff could get stuck under there..

      • Jennifer says:

        The first time I lost a sock I went on a search I was gonna find that sock… I have a duel washer and dryer that are the stand up version. I didn’t have much space to lose them so I had to take a feel under the rim if the agitator, and voila it was there there, it took some tugging and spinning the agitator left and right but it was worth it. Growing up I never had a need to feel under it but know I wish I did a long time ago!! Good luck!

  3. Joyce says:

    Not only do I use a small mesh laundry bag/lingerie bag for his socks, I use a second larger one for his bibs so the velcro doesn’t snag or get entangled with the rest of his clothes. I have them both hanging on the outside of his hamper at the moment for easy drop-ins, will likely have to rethink that once he figures out how to get them off.

  4. Alisha says:

    The mesh laundry bag is a great idea! I use one to transport his dirty clothes anyway, but I literally couldn’t believe that he had no socks left after I had bought 4 bags of them 8 pairs each only a month ago!

    • Jennifer says:

      I have found my babies socks under the agitator try and stuck your finger under there of course when it’s empty and off you will be in shock what you will find I never knew stuff could get stuck under there..


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