5 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

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A baby's first birthday is a very special time, and many parents want to remember it with a very special gift — something that has a lot of meaning and will stand the test of time, like these five ideas.

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Quilt of your favorite clothes from their first year of life.

All those wonderful outfits that you dressed them in as you played peek-a-boo and watched them learn to roll, sit, crawl, and toddle in? You can keep them a part of their life forever with a quilt made out of the fabric from your favorites! A good quilter can even include special socks, blankets, or even stuffed animals (with the stuffing taken out, of course).

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Have a wooden toy chest built that can be used as a coffee table or hope chest later.

What parent wouldn't love more storage for those baby toys? Having a toy box made that will fit their room now and also be a solid piece they can take with them to college and their first apartment makes it a valuable keepsake.

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Create a photo book for guests to sign at the party.

Using a site that creates photo gifts, create a book documenting their first year of life and have the guests at their party sign it and leave a message for the birthday boy or girl. They can look back and know exactly who was there to celebrate that first birthday with them.

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Create a time capsule from their first year of life.

Have each guest bring something that represents the first 12 months of your baby's life. It could be a hat from the winner of that year's World Series or a campaign sticker during an election year. Put all the mementos in a box and save it for your child to open on their 18th birthday.

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Have each guest bring an ornament for baby's future holiday celebrations.

For winter birthdays, ask each guest to bring an ornament or holiday decoration for baby. Discreetly document who brought each item somewhere on the gift, and when your son or daughter is celebrating the holidays on their own for the first time, they will have a small collections of decorations specifically chosen for them.

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What is your favorite first birthday gift?

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5 Unique Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

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