5 Tips for Saving Money for Baby

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Babies are expensive. When you're pregnant and planning it all out – the expense can seem utterly overwhelming. But, when you really look at what you need to have a baby, by planning smart and using some easy tips, you'll find that saving enough money to have a baby isn't as impossible as it may seem.

Check out these 5 tips for saving enough money for your baby, plus ways to cut costs.

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Buy Secondhand

You don't need to have all new everything – and secondhand shops are great for baby things. Some things you should buy new (like car seats or breast pumps), but if you're after clothes, swings, playpens, and strollers look around. There are also a lot of baby-swaps and if you search in your area, you'll find a lot of opportunities to save money.

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Ask Friends and Family

One of the best things about babies is they grow really quickly so friends and family probably have a lot of clothes left from their baby days that were not often worn. Since your baby will grow really fast as well – you don't need to buy all new.

Ask your friends and family if they have any clothes from their baby days and go through it – chances are you'll find a lot you can use.

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Buy Little and Wait for the Rest

When you find out you're pregnant, the urge to buy all the things happens quickly, but by waiting you'll save a lot of money. Buy only a few items of clothing and the must-have items like a car seat and wait for the rest to see if it will actually be needed.

No use on splurging on a $200 swing if you find your baby sleeps just fine in their bassinet and if your baby is going to be born in the winter, save on the stroller and get it later on. When it comes to the clothes, you don't need to stock up on the whole wardrobe at one time, so shop for the first month before your baby is born and that's it.


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Buy Gift Cards Each Pay Check

Each payday, purchase a gift card for your local department or grocery store and put it away to use for the baby. Doing this, you won't actually save money, but when you do want to get that swing or you need diapers, you'll have money put away for them already without having to worry about your bank account.

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Skip Bassinets and Baby Shoes and Try Breastfeeding

When you're debating how to save money, buying some items are necessary and others, not so much. We didn't bother to get a crib for this baby because we knew that we were going to co-sleep, so we got a big baby gate and a mattress instead. If you know, you'll use a crib, skip the bassinet and go for a convertible crib.

Those baby shoes are wildly adorable, but your baby won't actually use them. Skip them altogether and save the money for when your child starts walking.

Breastfeeding isn't possible for everyone, but if you're able and willing to give it a try – you'll end up saving a lot of money on bottles and formula. You can skip the fancy breastfeeding clothes and just wear regular tank tops, and see if you need a pump before you go out and get one.

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What are some of your tips for saving for a baby? Share in the comments!

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5 Tips for Saving Money for Baby

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  1. Marie says:

    Another good tip, especially if you don’t have lots of friends or family around, is to check out freecycle.org in your area. It’s a network where people post items they don’t need anymore for free. I moved to Australia from Canada, and at 21 weeks, I’ve already got a box full of toys and feeding items as well as an almost new bassinet, all for the cost of the ride to pick them up. I’m still looking, but I’m confident I can find most of what I need there!

  2. Stanley says:

    One is if your going with cloth diapers, before buying new check out the second hand baby stores. We have one in my town, a whole store for nothing but used baby items. They had huge stacks of cloth diapers. Of course wash them real well before using them yourself. But if you need disposable diapers, the store in my town had packs and packs of diapers that often times only had a few diaper missing. You don’t save HUGE, but any money saved is money you have for other things.

    I also used to visit yard sales each weekend. You would be shocked to see the savings by buying at a yard sale. And if the price doesn’t seem right for you, ask the seller if they are open to haggling and see if they will take a price closer to what you feel comfortable paying. I got a playpen used that was being sold for 80 dollars. I got them down to 60. It’s not a HUGE savings, but money saved adds up!

    Another trick I found useful is for disposable diapers. I bought overnite diapers, but during the day used the cheaper store brand diapers for when the baby is up and can be frequently checked. Nothing more irritating than to change the baby into a fresh diaper to have the baby mess it 2 seconds later wasting the diaper. So I found using a cheaper diaper during the day time can be a money saver. At least that’s my finding. Hope this helps. 🙂


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