5 Things to Do During the “Christmastime Lull”

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As we get deep into the holiday season, some of us get to a point when we run out of “Christmassy” things to do. I mean, I would imagine that you had plenty of Christmasness during the first week after Thanksgiving (Christmas music became legal to play, you pulled your tree out from storage, you made those first Christmas-gift purchases). And there's definitely more Christmasness to come (Super Saturday sales, finishing up that Advent calendar, sending out those last-minute Christmas cards.)

But you need to be prepared for the “lull” — the few weeks in between Thanksgiving week and Christmas week when you seem to be coasting until December 24.

And when I say “be prepared,” I'm not talking about picking up a new winter coat, stashing money away for the inevitably higher heating bill, or rolling in an extra keg of Egg Nog.

I'm talking about being prepared with Christmas activities — Christmas activities that are as numerous as there are gifts on your child's list to Santa (which is forever long).

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Here are a few ideas on how to keep the Christmas spirit in your home during all 25 days of Christmas and make it through that lull:

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#1 Finish your Christmas shopping

If you were smart, you avoided the rush during Black Friday (which is actually now Black-Thursday-Evening-that-runs-through-the-old-Black-Friday) and did a lot of your shopping online. But if you're like me, you had to return the pants you bought because you ordered the wrong color (I could have sworn I clicked on the right ones) or you found the same item somewhere else for much cheaper.

So find some time to exchange those pants for a different color, to take back the more expensive item, and to pick up those last-second gifts at the Super Saturday sale.

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#2 Have your kids help with the food prep

Christmas cookies are a must-have. Do you know what else is a must have? Christmas cookies that are covered in sprinkles. Sure, the mixing and the rolling and the baking and the frosting may be a little beyond your kids' capabilities, but adding sprinkles is a talent that all right-handed and left-handed people alike were born with. Just pick up some red and green sprinkles from the store and have the kiddlings decorate their own cookies.

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And while you've got the kids distracted with their creations, you can use your free time and free hands to make some Cherry Crumb Bars or some Cinnamon Toasted Almonds. They're awesome!

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#3 Make holiday decor

Most American families have had their holiday decor up since the clock struck midnight ending Thanksgiving, but too many Christmas decorations is never a bad thing (as long as they're not the inflatable decorations that people put outside — one of those is too much).

Kids like being creative, so allow them to draw or paint or color or build whatever decoration they think would be cool. If you're in need of some new Christmas tree ornaments, have your kids make you some new ones. Your kids might even be interested in decorating the house, so if that's on your to-do list, there are tons of things they can do to help out.

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#4 Play board games

Oh and how could we forget board games? These never get old, and in times of cold, these games have the value of gold. (See what I did there?) Allow the whole family to indulge in a game of Scrabble or any favorite board game.

If you want to try something new, take a look at some of these board game favorites.

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#5 Watch a Christmas movie

How about everyone getting cozy and watching a nice favorite movie with the kids? It's quiet and relaxing, especially after cooking a meal for the big day. And if your living room or den isn't ideal for a family movie, you can always have it renovated.


Christmastime is LOADED with awesome movies. My family has a slew of favorites that we watch on repeat. All. December. Long.

Say what you want about the live-action version of the Grinch, but I think that is easily the best Christmas movie out there, followed closely by The Muppets Christmas Carol, Elf, and The Nightmare before Christmas. (Is that a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?)

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What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? What are some of your other favorite Christmastime activities? I'd really like to know!

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5 Things to Do During the “Christmastime Lull”

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