5 Things I Love About Getting Older

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Today is my birthday!

I'm 29. Again.

I know, I should be embracing the fact that I'm aging—that I'm still alive to age. And I appreciate that fact, for sure.  But I'm not down with being old. 

Age is about how you feel, right? And, I feel 19 29. Except for on those days when I feel 56. And a couple times a year when I feel 85. And every single time my dad calls up to “talk to me” when I feel 12.

Point is, age is nothing but a number, and how old or how young you are is really all in your mind.

Which is why I don't want to be called ma'am. And why I won't shop at Talbots. And the reason I won't wear anything tan. (Nude and tan are NOT the same thing.) 

But let's be clear, here: getting older isn't entirely bad.

There are some things I love.

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My kids are getting older, too. I miss the cuddly baby years, and I hate to think about them leaving me soon. (Don't say it; they will live with me for always.) But I also kinda love the get-up-and-get-their-own-cereal-while-I-sleep-past-6-am years. Don't worry. You'll get them, too.

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I can say things without caring what people think about me. Not hurtful, mean-type things, but things like, “Ummm, hi lady-at-the-park-with-the-really-bad-kid-who-is-talking-on-your-cell-phone-while-Billy-acts-like-a-jerk-the-whole-time. If he throws sand in my son's face again, I'm going to punch you in the back have a frank discussion with you about how to be an engaged parent.”  In my younger days, I would've left the park, essentially punishing my child for another's unfavorable behavior, to avoid confrontation. Now, I'm too old to be bothered, and a little confrontation gets the blood pumping—like working out without the effort! 

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Being smarter. Or maybe it's wiser. Either way, I've reached the point in my life where I'm not as naive as I used to be and also not so naive that I don't realize I still have a lot to learn. The know-it-all years were fun, but being wrong all the time was really, really exhausting!

cute flats ef
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My feet hurt less because the days of uncomfortable shoes are just over. Give me a cute, sensible flat any day of the week, and I am all up in that. That's not to say that I don't enjoy a good night out in a stiletto anymore. It's just to say that I also have the forethought to carry a bigger bag so I can shove my fold-up ballet flats in there for the walk home because, puh-leez.

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Being me, I’ve reached a point in my life where I know myself pretty well. I'm not struggling to figure out who I'm going to be; I am just working hard to be the best at who I am. I anticipate that I still have a lot of growing to do as a human (jeez, I'm not THAT old), but I also know what my priorities in life are, and I am working hard to focus on those instead of worrying about finding myself and pleasing others and being a size 0. (I really am best at a size 6.)

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What do you like about your older self?

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5 Things I Love About Getting Older

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