5 Things to Consider When Making Over a Kid’s Room

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When people visit my home, I want them to know that it's a kids' home but not because there are toys and kids gear EVERYWHERE. It should be clear that kids can thrive and are welcome here, but be distinctively NOT a daycare center!

I wanted my kids to feel a sense of pride and ownership of their space when we re-did our playroom this year so they would feel like it was truly theirs. But with a mother with a bit of OCD, organization had to be a part of it. It had to be a place where they felt comfortable to be themselves and have fun, but it had to function, too.

I love letting my kids choose things that they love for art and decor, but when it comes down to toy storage and organization, that's all me!

Here are 5 things that can make or break a kid's room in terms of look and function!

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Too Much Stuff!

It doesn't matter how much storage space you have worked in; if there's too much stuff in a room, it's going to feel cluttered and claustrophobic. My kids won't play in a room that's a mess. It's like they look around and get overwhelmed. They don't know where to start, and they don't have any room to do it!

Minimize. Keep only the things that you really LOVE. My son said it best when he got a lot of matchbox cars one Christmas. He took two and was playing with them when my husband brought over the others, and he said, “I don't want those, Daddy.” My husband responded, “What's wrong? I thought you loved matchbox cars.” To which my son replied, “I can't love ALL of them!”

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Think about what you want to happen in the space.

Is your child's bedroom just for sleep? Is it for storage of toys that you don't want left out? Will they be trying to complete homework there? All of these things come into play when deciding what you want from the decor in the space.

If homework is going to be done in their room, they'll need good lighting and a workspace. For my youngest daughter, her room is for sleep. If there are toys in her bedroom, she will get distracted to the point of them infringing upon her sleep. Since our morning schedule is pretty tight, she can't sleep in because she was up playing too late, so we kept that in mind when setting her room up.


My older daughter loves her space to be about her, and she can manage better at night with her things surrounding her. She loves to display her Lego creations, so we have a shelf set up so she can do just that.

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The room above was designed by John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, and I love how the room blends such FUN and bright decor with such great FUNCTION! That desk space would be a wonder to have in a young girl's room with all the space to spread out and work, and yet, there's closed storage for when you want things out of sight! Perfection!

Image via Flickr/ CREEPETZ

Look for organization solutions they can grow with.

While Hello Kitty EVERYTHING might seem to be a great choice for your daughter now, chances are within a few years, she'll be longing for a more sophisticated option. On the same line, Tupperware totes and dressers might work OK for now, but chances are they'll be outgrown quickly and may not last long enough to be outgrown!

Making the investment now for a solid and sturdy solution to your organizational needs, like a piece of furniture or even built-ins, may save you a headache down the line. Try to think about not only what is needful for the space now, but how it might grow with your child!

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Is this your forever home?

While I don't mean to suggest you shouldn't LOVE where you live NOW, sometimes changes we would love for our home are distinctly in us. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, or if you are renting, some changes just might not be fiscally responsible choices.

While you and your children might love rainbow wallpaper, a potential home buyer, or your landlord, might not. Try to find a way to do what you love in a way that is easy to reverse. You could try vinyl wall decals or a great piece of framed art. This way, you can still put your stamp on the space without making it less appealing to someone with different taste.

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Have fun with it!

Try not to worry too much about getting everything “just right.” If your child wants to put up a poster that they love, and it doesn't “match” the room, that's OK! They will love it most if they have ownership in the decisions!


Try adding a cork board where they can swap things in and out that they are loving most at the moment! Part of being young is changing your mind about what you love and what defines you! Help them feel free to evolve with their space. And that doesn't mean running to the store and spending lots of money as their tastes change. Let them be creative and make things that they love!

One of my favorite things in my son's room is a painting he did himself. It's perfect, and he's always proud to show it off!

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What has been essential for your children's rooms? Do you keep toys relegated to certain rooms? How do you help your kids stay organized?

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5 Things to Consider When Making Over a Kid’s Room

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