Don’t Start Solids Until You Have These 5 Things!

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Starting solids with my baby is not my favorite milestone for a few reasons: people food versus breast milk makes diaper changes more offensive to the nose; babies are learning how to eat, which is messy to say the least; and it means my baby is growing up, which is a good thing, but it's strange how fast it comes.

My 8-month-old started really eating solids just a few weeks ago. I didn't really anticipate starting as early as this (though doctors say it's OK to start solids at 6 months) because we like to wait until they show interest, and that didn't happen for my third child until she was just over 10 months old. Nonetheless, Silver was reaching for our food while we ate and mimicked our motions, so it was no surprise to me that he was thrilled when he finally got the chance to eat something other than breast milk.

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I was caught off guard by starting solids when I did, so I had to rush out and get some items on hand that make the whole feed-your-baby-real-food transition so much easier. If your baby is nearing the age of starting solids, here are my suggestions for products you should have ready.

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1. A feeding chair

A feeding chair is one of those baby items that I find really useful. There's nothing easy about trying to feed a wiggling baby who is smacking your hand away, throwing food all over the floor, and trying to keep your cool. There are a lot of different designs, from high chairs to ones that attach to any table, and portable ones as well. Having a space for your child to eat from the get-go can help contain the mess, keep the chaos to a minimum, and help your child understand that it's time to eat.

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2. Bibs galore

Babies eating is a big mess–honestly. You may have a hard time realizing just how messy they are going to be, and if you want to save your baby's wardrobe, you'll want to pick up some bibs. There are great bibs that have a little pockets at the end, which catch your baby's excess food. There are also some that are easy to wipe clean and even some disposable ones so you don't have the bibs adding to your out-of-control laundry pile.


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3. A great, easy-to-use mop

When I say there's going to be a mess, I am downplaying it. If your baby is anything like mine, they will be wearing more of their food than eating it when they first start solids. You're going to be clearing food off the feeding chair, the floor, and anything else that's nearby (like walls). Get a good mop that you can quickly pull out and clean so you don't get surprised by how fast it piles up.

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4. Spoons

If I want to help Silver eat anything that requires the use of a spoon, I need to make sure he has one in his hand while I am using another spoon to help feed him. There are a lot of different spoons and utensils to help your baby learn to eat, and I suggest getting a few different styles. There are the long ones that look like a more traditional spoon, some that screw onto the end of a food packet like a cap, and others that are designed to allow your baby to hold and feed more easily.

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5. A food blender

If you're planning to make your own baby food or even just feed your child the same meal you're having, just modified so they can eat without teeth, a great food blender is handy to have. You can use a big, expensive one, or even just a simple hand blender can help puree your meal and make it suitable for your child.

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What products do you have on hand that makes feeding your baby their first solids easier?

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Don’t Start Solids Until You Have These 5 Things!

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  1. kelly says:

    not yet maybe few months

  2. Angela says:

    My son started eating solids at 4 months. What was I to do when he grabbed my banana and put it in his mouth. I did get it back and put him in his chair and started to pinch of a little so that it was mushed and I could put it in his mouth. We also didn’t do anything different that whole week. The next week we tried avocado mushed up. We now have a food processor that well allow us to make what we are eating into safe to eat baby food for our 9.5 month old. I do need to get different bibs soon because we are starting to move to the next stage and have different textures and feeding ourselves more so than before.

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