5 Pregnancy Photo Props (You Can Use After Pregnancy Too!)

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If you're not documenting your pregnancy yet, it's time to get started, mama. No matter how camera shy you may be, trust me when I say you need to document your pregnancy.

Carrying a child is a gift, and a beautiful one at that, and you deserve to have those memories for both you and your baby. Here a few photo props to get you started easily. And as a bonus, you can totally re-use them for pictures of your precious babe after delivery, too.

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A chalkboard sign

I finally bit the bullet and bought a chalkboard sign last year for my daughters when they started school. I totally caved and was “that mom” on Facebook, but the sign has been pretty versatile.

Not only is it great for documenting your weekly or monthly bump shots, but you can use it for those first-day-of-school pictures, too. We even used ours as party signs throughout the year. ($11.99, CharlieChalkDesigns)

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Weekly Stickers

For the pregnancy-brained among us (you know who you are), these stickers are an easy way to document your pregnancy. Not only will it tell you the important milestones with pre-made stickers (8, 16, etc.), but all you have to do is stick `em on your belly and snap that selfie. And, as a suggestion, keep those stickers in a scrapbook for your baby when you're done! ($10, StickToItDesigns)


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Paper chalkboard signs

If you like the look of chalkboard but don't want the mess, these digital versions are really handy. You can buy these directly from Etsy and download and print at home, so they are ready instantly. And, of course, keep them or print them again for weekly pictures of your newborn. There's also a bonus boy or girl pregnancy announcement included. ($8, JanePaperie).

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Wooden blocks

These wooden blocks would be a great investment because not only can you use them all through pregnancy, but afterwards as well. Unlike stickers or paper, they would last well, forever. You could use them for some adorable pictures with your baby when he or she is born or just let them chew on them to their heart's content. ($30+, PrettyInPolkaDotsky)

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Image via Etsy/ LittleOrchidStudio

Maternity sash

I honestly had never heard of a maternity sash before, but now that I know what they are, how cute are they? I've always loved pictures of moms with flower crowns on, but I know that I could never pull that look off. This is an alternative that won't make you feel awkward, and you could use the sash for some adorable newborn pictures as well. ($22, LittleOrchidStudio)

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5 Pregnancy Photo Props (You Can Use After Pregnancy Too!)

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