5 Parents Share Their Hilarious Potty Training Stories

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There are parts of parenting that just seem to be challenging no matter how prepared you think you are for them. When it comes to the toddler age, those challenging times seem to happen more frequently, and it can be really draining.

There is a lot of growth happening in the toddler-age stage, and I think that adds to the hard times because your kid is stuck in that awkward, not-a-baby-but-not-a-big kid phase. They seem to sway from one end of that spectrum to the other, and sometimes, it happens in only a matter of minutes. And that's so frustratingly true when it comes time to potty train.

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When it comes time to ditch the diapers and to teach your kid how to use the toilet, humor may be the best medicine. If you're gearing up for this phase, be warned — it can be really frustrating. But, through it all, you may have some stories that you'll be able to tell over and over because toddlers are funny.

Check out these funny potty training stories from parents, because you're going to need a good laugh.


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It's not working!

“We had 14 children and started potty training our youngest, a 2-year-old, last week. The first day was kind of rough, and he wasn't really getting it. We have a potty seat — Lightning McQueen of Cars Fame — and we use M&M's as an incentive.

“Every time Seth goes potty, everyone in the house gets an M&M, and he gets to pass them out. It's good incentive and also is a good method because the other kids in the house are always asking him if he needs to go potty.

“But the second day, Seth was still not quite getting it. So we had our 4-year-old, Judah, hop up and give him a demonstration on the potty seat of going potty. Seth watched intently. Then when it came time for his turn, he was on the seat and looking down … but nothing was happening.

“He pointed down with a worried look on his face. ‘It's not working!' he said. We got a good laugh out of it, but eventually he figured it out. We're happy to report that it's working.” –Matt

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Jealousy works

“I was pregnant with my second child and determined to potty train my 2-year-old before he became a big brother. He is a brilliant child and loves to please, so he was fully potty trained when he became a big brother at 2 years, 2 months of age.


“Jealousy turned my sweet son green with envy. His baby brother was less than a week old when I settled on the couch to nurse him. My older son looked at me, looked at the baby, and demanded to go potty.

“Recovering from a c-section made it rather difficult to jump up and down, so I told him he would need to wait a few minutes. He glared at me, walked over to a corner, dropped his pants, and peed on the carpet. The time has soothed my frustration, and we all laugh at this story now. Sibling rivalry caused serious regression for my older son.

“Two years later, my youngest was jealous of his big brother's ability to use the toilet, so he watched and learned to need almost no guidance from myself or his dad. Sibling rivalry was both friend and foe in our potty-training capers. The joys of parenthood far outweigh the struggles, but I must be honest: I am glad those days are far in the past. :)” –Beverly, navigating.org


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It's out of control

“I recently was helping to potty train my godson. As we went into the bathroom, he wanted to stand like a big boy to pee. So we lifted the seat, and I told him to hit the water. He proceeded to pee without holding his penis and pee was going everywhere in the bathroom.

“I quickly told him to hold his penis so it pointed to the water, which didn't have much success. So he just said, ‘It's out of control sometimes.' It made me laugh the whole time I was cleaning up the bathroom.” — Linda

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Iron Man saves the day

“My son, Brenner, was a late ‘poomer.' He had no interest in the potty at all until after age 3. I finally got him to use the potty after bribing him for three days straight with M&M's for clean underwear.

“Pee was, well, a whiz. He loves to get a good stream going. Number 2 has been a consistent challenge, even into age 4. He just doesn't like to poop and holds it in. I finally found the one thing that will make him go every time.

“I bought him an Iron Man costume.

“He loves that costume. He wears it almost every day, but the one rule is if you get any poop on the Iron Man costume it goes into the trash can. Finally, after a year of begging and pleading, my son finally stop holding in his poo. Iron Man saved the day!” — Laura, dishdetox.com



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He has the first step right

“When my son was closing in on his third birthday, he seemed ready for potty training. We decided to do an ‘all or nothing' weekend where he would walk around with no diaper — only underpants — and hopefully let us know when he needed to go to the bathroom.

“Lots of incentives, cool stickers, treats, etc. Things were going pretty well — not too many accidents. I was sitting at our dining room table on my computer, and my son was standing next to me. He turned to me and said, ‘Mommy?' I looked at him and said, ‘Yes?' He said, ‘I have to pee' and proceeded to pee all over the carpet. I thought, ‘Well, at least he got the first step right.' –Hollis

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Do you have any funny potty training stories? Share them in the comments!


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5 Parents Share Their Hilarious Potty Training Stories

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