5 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

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The month of May doesn’t only bring warmer weather and longer days of sunshine, but it’s also the month where we celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day. It’s a day to remind ourselves of the amazing things our mothers have done for us, to celebrate the women in our lives who have helped us become the people we are, and it’s a day to pamper us.

I remember the first Mother’s Day I got to celebrate on the receiving end of things. I was pregnant with my then first child – only 8 weeks, but my mom made sure to help me feel special. I technically wasn’t yet a parent – not to anyone living outside my body yet, but I was already a mother.

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I believe on Mother’s Day all mothers should be celebrated and honored. This includes moms of children who are no longer with us, mothers who may not be our biological mothers, but mean just as much, and mothers who are currently pregnant. While their toughest years of parenting are likely still ahead, growing a baby is no easy task and that deserves to be acknowledged on Mother’s Day too.

If you have a pregnant woman on your Mother’s Day shopping list or if you’re pregnant yourself and not sure what to ask for this year, here are 5 gift ideas tailored just for the mother-to-be on Mother’s Day.

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Maternity Photo Shoot

Having photographic proof of how big your body managed to get from having a whole other human inside may not sound favorable, but trust me – it’s something you will want to remember. Gifting a photography package for the pregnant mother-to-be so she can feel amazing and have her gorgeous shape documented will help secure that memory in photos forever. It’s a great gift because it’s one of those things many women want, but may not be able to afford.

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Spa Package

Aches and pains are a part of pregnancy – they seem to go hand-in-hand. Gifting a mother-to-be a spa package complete with a prenatal massage and a pedicure can help rejuvenate her body no matter what trimester of pregnancy.


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House Cleaning

You know those sighs you hear your pregnant partner, friend, or family member let out when she finally reaches the top of the stairs? Notices how tired being pregnant seems to make her? That’s because pregnancy is tiring and it can leave little energy for things like deep cleaning the house. If you’re looking for the perfect gift – that she can use either during pregnancy or after the baby is born – a cleaning service will always be useful. Whether you’re able to gift an on-going service or a one-time major clean (think during that crazy nesting phase) – it’s going to be greatly appreciated.

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That vacation she’s always wanted to take – what better time to take it than now? A babymoon is what we call those get-away vacations taken just before you have a baby (like a honeymoon is for a wedding). It doesn’t have to be anything totally fancy – though that’s acceptable too – but a nice weekend away at a bed and breakfast would be appreciated and remembered for a long time.

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Care Package

Each stage of pregnancy brings its own challenges, and catering your mother-to-be’s Mother’s Day gift to which trimester she’s in is thoughtful and practical. If she’s in the first trimester, consider getting all those remedies for nausea and bloating. If she’s in the second trimester, a care package for maternity clothes or items to help her sleep better, and during the third trimester she’d love anything that helps make life a little easier – like restaurant gift cards, at-home spa products, and comfort (safe) herbal teas.

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What do you hope to receive this Mother's Day?

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

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