5 Moms Who Understand Who Should Really Be Wearing A Halloween Costume This Year

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There have been so many (wonderful) movements to get moms into pictures – Allison Slater Tate's, The Mom Stays In The Picture struck a chord with mothers around the world for it's straight-forward poignancy and call to action to stop disappearing from our children's – and our own – stories and Bridgette White's, Exposed by my children for what I really look like told the all-too-relatable story of wanting to delete photos of ourselves simply because we don't look (mythically) perfect in them.

As a result of articles like these, moms have begun looking at themselves with easier eyes and have truly begun showing up in pictures. And I think that one of the best outcomes of this is that moms are joining in on more fun. They're swapping their role as archiver for that of family member. Fun haver. And joiner-inner.

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Allegra Stein provides coaching for people who are ready to turn dreams into projects. She says that, in their everyday lives, moms should be doing what makes them happy.

That sounds simple, doesn't it? But is it our gut reaction? Much like the instinct to delete those “unflattering” photos of ourselves, I think many times our instincts are to create and archive the fun, rather than join in it. And there's something wrong with that.

Stein explains, “Your happiness will fuel you and the people around you and those that you love. So if dressing up at Halloween and running around with your children taps you into that joy — by all means, indulge.”

Indulging in joy. How much do you love the sound of that?

With Halloween just around the corner, I challenge you to do exactly what Stein says: Indulge in joy. As you're planning your kids' Halloween costumes and trick -or-treating plans and buying candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters, take a moment to pick out a costume for yourself. Join in the fun, and indulge in it.

To inspire you, here are 5 simple Halloween costumes rocked by moms like you and me.

Image via Tina Seitzinger

Be The (Super) Hero

Tina Seitzinger writes the personal lifestyle blog Life Without Pink, a blog focused on parenting and raising boys to give other parents inspiration. You'll find everything from cool gadgets, daily adventures, to personal stories and tips for raising boys inside this supportive community.

Image via Bethany Meyer

Find Your Zombie Style

Bethany Meyer is a published author questioning her sanity, laughing at her circumstances, and blogging at I Love Them the Most When They're Sleeping. She'll be a part of Stonyfield's 2015 Boston Marathon Team.

Image via Nicole Morgan and Kelly Pugliano

There's A Way To Do Disney Movie Characters Right

Nicole Morgan is a retired marketing expert offering unlimited advice in infertility, adoption, homeschooling, parenting, and her take on life as a liberal, Christian mom of two. Nicole is the clever voice behind Sisters from Another Mister.

And Kelly Pugliano is a marathoner, mother, writer, and foodie. She's the talented voice and chef behind Eat Picks, a site serving food photography and writing for all appetites. Kelly's passion is connecting easy-to-make recipes with those that like to cook, bake, and entertain.

Image via Stephanie Stearns Dulli

Find Inspiration In Your Favorite TV Shows

Stephanie Stearns Dulli is a former professional actress embracing suburbia and stay-at-home momness and all the adventures that come with it. She's the voice and lens behind the blog, Stephanie Says, a blog about … everything.

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Will you be joining in Halloween fun this year? What costume will you wear?

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5 Moms Who Understand Who Should Really Be Wearing A Halloween Costume This Year

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