5 Mad Dad Skills That Make Us Swoon

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A typical day for me includes a lot of juggling, but there are some things that my husband is just plain better at than me. And while at one point in my life I might have found this humbling, today I feel nothing but gratitude for the fact that he is a baby whisperer and a potty-training genius and that our kids have dubbed the vacuum “Daddy's.”

Five moms share the things they're grateful that their husbands are pure fabulous at.

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Rachel Cedar, Toddler Parenting Specialist, writes for You Plus 2 Parenting, a NYC-based parent coaching, support, and education service specializing in toddler- and preschool-aged children.

About one of the things her husband is fabulous at, she says, “Saturday morning is the designated ‘Daddy/Lego Day' in our house. My husband, Omer, will spend hours on the floor with the boys, patiently constructing Lego masterpieces, guiding little fingers through pages of step-by-step instructions, putting on silly voices, and humoring far-fetched imaginative play scenarios.

“I'm grateful for his ability to truly engage in play with our kids. He has a wonderful knack for putting aside real life and making the most out of the time he has with them. I'm also grateful for the quiet moments it provides me to sip my morning coffee and take it slow after a busy and hectic week.”

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Kim Simon is the mother of two boys and can be found telling the truth about motherhood on her personal blog, Mama By The Bay. Her writing has been featured on The Huffington Post and other online magazines.

About one of the things her husband is fabulous at, she says, “On our very first date, my husband and I were the last ones to leave the restaurant because we were immersed in conversation about politics. I'm a semi-crunchy California Democrat married to a conservative East Coast Republican, and his debate skills keep me on my toes!

“Of course, he is an amazing cook, a hands-on dad, and he keeps track of everything that I lose, but his interest in politics and [his] ability to engage in (and enrage me with) thoughtful, educated political conversation is one of my favorite things about him!”

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Alice Seuffert is a Minnesota mom, wife, education researcher, food blogger at Dining with Alice, and the Kitchen Star on the television show Twin Cities Live.

About one of the things her husband is fabulous at, she says, “My husband is fabulous at making me laugh. He has always been able to make me see the funny in any situation — sleep issues with our kids, boring parties, or getting through the workday (he sends awful selfies to me). There's no one else that can make me belly laugh like my Will.”

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Lisa Steinke is the co-author of Your Perfect Life and the forthcoming THE STATUS OF ALL THINGS.

About one of the things her husband is fabulous at, she says, “My husband, Matt, is truly a ‘dad of all trades.' He's never above any task and will happily swap his ‘man card' for his ‘dad card' when it comes to his kids.

“He's made a shirt for his 14-year-old daughter to wear to a One Direction concert, dressed up as Elmo, built a princess stage and played dress up, put a desk in his office for our little one, ran a 5K with all three kids, and most recently, he constructed an Olaf in the freezing cold for our daughter's fourth birthday party. We're all lucky to call this guy Dad.”

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Kristin V. Shaw is the writer behind Two Cannoli, and she is the co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother show in Austin, TX. She has been featured as a guest essayist on many sites including Scary Mommy, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post.

About one of the things her husband is fabulous at, she says, “When my son was just a few months old, I had to go back to work and had to do quite a bit of business travel. My husband stepped in without any fear or complaints, and I can honestly say that he takes care of our son as well as I do. Better, sometimes.

“Recently, he taught our son how to play Monopoly, and they will sit for two hours together in front of the board. It's amazing what our son has learned so far in terms of money and math from my husband as they play. I couldn't have chosen a better father.”

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What fab skill does the dad at your house have that makes you swoon?

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5 Mad Dad Skills That Make Us Swoon

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